Minutes of 11/7/12 Manoa Sustainability Council meeting

Sam King – update on three campus projects:

  • Lighting: retrofit planned is currently “in legal” in UH system (apparently writing language to put out to bid).
  • PV: PPA for campus, new approach is to break up into phases starting with parking lot and law school library. Project is currently “with a consultant”. This seems to be not as far along as lighting retrofit.
  • Kuykendall project for net zero renovation: original plan to fund it was 50% general obligation bonds (i.e. taxpayer money) 50% revenue bonds (i.e. tuition money). At this time no GO bonds are forthcoming, and Chancellor Apple does not feel it can be funded 100% from tuition.  He wants to do a smaller retrofit, “Kuykendall Light”. Discussion on what to do: Students could lobby legislature or our senators.  We need to know what the direct and indirect return on investment from the Kuykendall retrofit will be.

Discussion on status of rolling green funds. Neither ASUH nor GSO are pushing for this at present. One problem is that there is no mechanism to “repay” these funds.

Philip Johnson:  gave out Kukui Cup Points.

Doorie with Surfrider at UH – try to not use Styrofoam on campus, how do we best target this issue? Replace products with biodegradable. What approach should we take? Is there a department at UH they can contact Kevin Griffin says there are 2 entities in campus services and will look for the contacts.

John Cussick – Dec 4, 5, 6th – presentations by John’s students on their projects.

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