Agenda for 10/3/12 Manoa Sustainability Council Meeting

Time/Place: 3:30-5:30pm, Kuykendall Hall #307

  1. Welcome and Introductions (Group- 10 minutes)
  1. The UHM Sustainability Council Organizational Development
    1. Minutes from September meeting
    2. Progress since September and connection to UH System Sustainability (Philip Johnson / Steve Meder – 5-10  minutes)
    3. Web Connections (Philip Johnson and Brandon 10 min)
    4. UHMSC Logo- (S Meder)
  1. Sustainable Research at UHM (Pete Mouginis-Mark 10 minutes)
  1. UHM Strategic Plan, Sustainability Curricula and Degrees (Susan Hippensteele -5 minutes)
  1. New Projects
    1. EPA Campus Water Conservation Competition
    2. EPA FoodWaste Project
  1. Continuing Projects (Various Reps)
    1. Kukui Cup (Philip Johnson)
    2. Energy and Cost Initiatives – Large projects with ongoing positive benefits (Sam King – 5 Minutes)
    3. Sustainability Assessment Survey – Mapping attitudes over time (John Cusick)
    4. UHM New Student Orientation – Sustainability info packet (John Cusick)
    5. UHM Portable Building Occupant Survey (John Cusick)
    6. Environmental Center Energy Audit (John Cusick)
    7. Environmental Center Adopt a Landscape (John Cusick)
    8. Energy, Water and Waste Brochures (John Cusick)
    9. UHM Events Planning and Planning Handbook (John Cusick)
    10. Student Organic Farm Training (Gabe)
  1. Other topics
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