Chancellor Hinshaw announces cluster hire in Sustainability

The cluster that will be funded this coming year is “Integrating Marine Science, Economics, Engineering, Design and Policy for Sustainable Coastal Communities”. The lead unit is SOEST, in collaboration with Engineering, Social Sciences and Architecture. The proposal authors are: Gordon Grau (SOEST-Sea Grant); Darren Lerner (SOEST-Sea Grant), Denise Konan (Social Sciences–Economics); Stephen Meder (OVCAFO and Urban Planning) and David Karl (SOEST–Oceanography/C-MORE); the endorsing deans are Brian Taylor (SOEST), Peter Crouch (Engineering), Clark Llewellyn (Architecture) and Dick Dubanoski (Social Sciences). This proposal is a well-defined, tightly integrated cluster on a topic of great importance for the state with the potential for significant education, research, and community impact.

For more information, see the Chancellor’s announcement.

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