Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to get in?
A validated UHM ID or WRC Membership Card, a towel that is at least 12''x12'' (t-shirts, rags, washcloths, paper towels etc. are not considered towels), shoes, and workout specific clothing (nothing with buttons, zippers or rivets) that provide adequate coverage of the body. Workout towels are available for purchase at the Front Desk for $2 each.


*For full entry requirements and WRC Policies, please see the Rules/Policies tab on the left.


Can UH Community College student use the Warrior Recreation Center?
UH Community College students can purchase a membership to use the Warrior Recreation Center. In order to purchase a membership, they must be registered at a University of Hawaii system campus in that respective semester. For summer membership, they must either be 1) enrolled in summer school and have their community college ID validated for summer or 2) registered for the Fall semester that follows that particular summer. Community college students must go to the Ticket & Information Office to purchase their WRC memberships, as well as a WRC Membership Card. (The cost of a WRC Membership Card is $10)


Can UH System Faculty/Staff use the Warrior Recreation Center?
UH System Faculty/Staff membership starts for as little as $240 annually. Unfortunately, monthly automatic payments are not available and membership is not considered a pre-tax benefit.


Can other affiliates of UH Manoa use the Warrior Recreation Center?
Yes, please see the Membership tab on the left for a list of affiliates and membership options. If one does not have a UH Manoa student or Faculty/Staff ID, then a WRC Membership card can be purchased at the Ticket & Information Office (located in Campus Center). The cost of a WRC Membership Card is $10.


Can guests of students and Warrior Recreation Center members use the Warrior Recreation Center?
Yes, guests may purchase a buddy pass at the front desk for the day for $10 or for the week for $20. Buddy passes are limited to one guest per sponsor (student/member). After purchasing a buddy pass, guest must present a photo ID to verify identity and must be accompanied by sponsor at all times.


How do I rent a locker or purchase additional services?
Lockers and additional services can be rented at a first come, first serve basis at the Front Desk Service Counter in the Warrior Recreation Center. In order to purchase towel (shower towel) and/or laundry service, a locker rental must first be purchased. See below for price listings. Free daily use lockers are also available inside and outside of the locker rooms. The Warrior Recreation Center is not responsible for any lost or stolen objects.


Do students need to pay for locker rentals, towel service, and laundry service as well?
Students will need to pay for all three of these services. Prices will be the same for all member categories.


Do UH Manoa students need to purchase an additional membership?
No, UH Manoa students who pay the "MAN Studnt Ctr Ops & Rec Fee" for the respective semester have membership for the Warrior Recreation Center and its auxiliary facilities included as part of the fee. If students are NOT enrolled or paying the rec fee for the respective semester, then additional membership must be purchased.


How can I check if I paid the fee?

1. Log-in to your MyUH Portal

2. Click on "View Charges/Make a Payment" on the left-hand column

3. Click on "View my Account for Each Term"

4. Look for the listed "MAN Studnt Ctr Ops & Rec Fee"


If I have a membership to enter the Warrior Recreation Center, will I still need to pay the auxiliary fee if I want access to the tennis courts and pool too?
Purchasing the WRC membership automatically grants you access to the auxiliary facilities down at lower campus. The auxiliary fee was created for patrons who do not want to purchase a Warrior Recreation Center membership but still intend to use the lower campus facilities.


My UH Manoa ID does not scan correctly at the front turnstiles, what do I do?
Please see the Ticket & Information Office at Campus Center to re-encode IDs. IDs may have an encoding error in the magnetic strip. If an ID appears to be damaged, a new ID must be purchased.


How can I participate in the Warrior Recreation Center Fitness Classes?
Classes are held in the multi-purpose room in the WRC on a first come, first serve basis. Prior to the start of a class, an announcement may be made on the intercom. To see available classes please look at the Class Description tab on the left.


Do you have the schedule of Fitness Classes available online?
Class schedules are tentative and subject to change due to instructor availability. An email sign up sheet is located at the Front Desk at the Warrior Recreation Center. After providing an email address with the Front Desk, we can share a weekly class schedule with you.


How will I know when my locker or other services expire?
One week before expiration a notification email will be sent reminding you of your expiring locker and or service(s).