Frequently Asked Questions

Do I receive credit when I register for a Warrior Fitness class?
No, our programs are designed to get your mind off of your class work! We encourage a zero stress environment when you sign up for our classes and look to give you a positive experience outside of the classroom.


Do I have to be a student at UH Manoa to participate in SRS?
All participants are required to have a validated ID regardless of what service area they wish to take part in. For a limited time, participants who are not of the UH Manoa population can sign up, but will have to pay the "Community Rate".


How do I register?
Stop by our office, now located in the Athletic Complex Rm 200 (2nd floor, Lower Campus). There you can fill out a registration form and make your payment. Bring your UH Manoa ID to get the student rate!


Do you accept credit cards?
Forms of acceptable payment: cash, check (payable to University of Hawaii at Manoa), Visa/Mastercard. Due to refund policies we kindly request that all out of state patrons wishing to participate in paid classes do so through credit card transactions.


How do I become an employee of SRS?
Please check for open positions.  If you have a specific expertise in anything to do with recreation, please stop by our office (Athletic Complex Rm 200) to talk about how you would benefit our services.


Where is the SRS office?
There are many maps in our pictures and notes that direct you to our location.  Athletic Complex Rm 200 PE/A.