Fall Registration through MyUH Portal
(standard self-service) mid-Aug to end-Aug

Create your own semester schedule through MyUH Portal!

If you prefer to select your courses and create your individual semester schedule, register on your own through MyUH Portal. Please remember that the fall 2016 semester begins on August 22nd; you will register through MyUH Portal sometime between August 10-11 according to the Registration Timetable. Dates for incoming Manoa students will be posted July 25th. Please carefully review the following steps below to register for classes. Please visit UHM’s Registration Guide for full information.

How to Register Online:

  1. Check Class Availability to locate Course Reference Numbers (CRN)
  2. Log into MyUH
  3. Select Add/Drop Courses
  4. Select the appropriate term and Submit
  5. Select University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
  6. Enter Course Reference Number(s)
  7. Submit Changes
  8. Carefully review the Status column for registration error messages
  9. Successfully-registered courses will show the status as “Registered on Web
  10. See Registration Errors for instructions on how to clear error messages
  11. Review classes, meeting times, credits, and grading options; make adjustments as needed
  12. Select Review My Class Schedule
  13. Choose Print Class Schedule to print

Helpful Hints:

  • Check Class Availability:
    Check Class Availability lists available classes and sections. Consult course listings regularly for the most up-to-date information on class cancellations, course additions, and changes in meeting times, locations, and instructors.
  • Review Course Restrictions and Prerequisites:
    To avoid problems during registration, review course restrictions and prerequisites before attempting to register. In Check Class Availability look for a Restriction in the Title column or in the University Catalog look for course prerequisite requirements in the course descriptions.
  • Check Your Registration Time:
    You are assigned a specific registration time according to your student classification for a given semester (continuing classified, incoming, or unclassified). See the Academic Calendar for specific dates. Your registration time assignment will be posted in MyUH on the “Check My Registration Status” page approximately two weeks before the start of your registration period.
  • Plan Out Your Schedule Ahead of Time:
    Planning out your schedule ahead of time and having backups in case the course you want is filled will ensure an easier registration process. If you are unsure of which courses to take, please review the Bachelor Degree Program Sheets & Sample Four Year Academic Plans which offers a list of classes that must be taken to fulfill your major, consult an Academic Advisor, or check the STAR Academic Pathways page in order to see which requirements have yet to be completed.
  • Clear Holds:
    University offices may prevent you from registering or making registration changes (e.g. financial obligations, health clearance, academic advising, etc.). Visit Holds to learn how to view and remove holds placed on your account.
  • Consult Campus Maps
    We understand that the first day of classes may be difficult and to ensure an easier transition, please look at Printable Campus Map to help you find your classes ahead of time as well as to determine if you will have enough time to get to your classes. Please also see the list of Classroom Abbreviations.
  • Find Out How the Professor Teaches:
    Everyone learns differently. Find out the teaching style of the professor ahead of time by either checking out course descriptions or consulting your advisor.