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Thank you for your interest in ACE Learning Communities. Pre-Registration is available May 15 @ 7:00 AM (HST) to July 25 @ 5:00 PM (HST).

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What is ACE?
Access to College Excellence (ACE) is a learning community program that places cohorts of up to fifteen freshmen into clusters of two to three general education courses with a one-credit integrating seminar (CAS 110). ACE gets students started on their graduation requirements and creates a positive social and academic network in their first semester.

Why should freshmen join?
We understand that starting college can often times be a daunting experience. Through, ACE, our hope is to help freshmen achieve their highest potential of academic and social successes.

How the program works
ACE registers first-time incoming freshmen for three courses that help to begin fulfilling core, pre-major, and graduation requirements. Students select a learning community “cluster” based on their major and/or career interest. Along with these cluster of courses, you will be able to choose 1-2 additional courses at the bottom of the page which will help you to keep full time student status. The cluster categories currently available are:

  • General Education
  • Pre-Business
  • Travel Industry Management
  • Education
  • KRS/Health & PE
  • Botany/Ethnobotany
  • Pre-Health and Life Sciences
  • Pre-Nursing
  • Pre-Engineering
  • Science and Engineering Mentorship Program
  • Honors Program
  • JABSOM Scholars: Doctor of Medicine Early Admission Program (DMEAP)
  • Shidler College of Business Direct Admit Program
  • Nursing Direct Admit Program
  • ACE Seminar: CAS 110*

*In addition to general education courses, students also take a one-credit integrating seminar, CAS 110,  a weekly meeting with fellow ACE students and a peer mentor (junior or senior) who helps cohorts integrate into their new learning environment. During this class, students will receive key tips from their peer mentor in order to achieve academic and social successes during their first year in college. Some of the topics discussed include: building critical thinking skills, navigation of campus resources, exploring different major and career choices, developing successful academic strategies, and more. In addition, ACE also offers exciting out-of-class activities that give freshmen the opportunity to meet new people and make friends on campus.

What do former ACE students have to say about the program?
Melissa Mattos, an ACE alumni, says, “Being involved with the ACE program helped to introduce me to college life; teaching me how to approach professors and develop study skills, but more importantly, to establish myself in the school and develop relationships with fellow schoolmates.”

Angela Ablog, a 2007 ACE student and current nursing major, says, “It’s amazing how quickly the first semester of college goes by; the people I met in ACE have made each step of the journey worthwhile. I owe it to my peer mentor for showing me that college is about discovering myself and my potential. I am grateful for the wonderful experiences in ACE that furthered my understanding of learning and life.”

Angela (third from left) at the Spring 2010 Nursing Convocation with fellow students from her ACE pre-nursing learning community (Andrew, second from left; Shantal, second from right). Angela, Andrew, and Shantal continued to take classes together after their first ACE semester. All three were accepted into the same nursing cohort and have become lifelong friends.

How to join a learning community
Join an ACE learning community through the ACE registration portal.

Pictured below is what you should see when you log into the ACE Learning Communities registration page.

(this image is not representative of what learning communities are currently available.)

From there you simply select the cluster of your choice. Once you have submitted your choice you should receive a confirmation page saying that you were successfully registered. Be sure to pay attention to the information at the bottom of the confirmation page as it provides you with the next steps required of you; such as clearing holds if you have any, placement test information, etc.

ACE Agreement
Several learning communities have courses that require approval (e.g. CHEM 161, MATH 140, MATH 241, MATH 242, ICS 141). If students apply for a learning community that has any of these courses, they must have appropriate placement by July 27th before they can be registered for courses in the learning community. For more information on the chemistry placement test or the math placement test, please visit their respective websites:

Chemistry Placement Information
Math Placement Information

If students have not cleared registration holds or placed into appropriate courses by July 27th, ACE participation will be forfeited. Students will be registered for their ACE learning community courses the first week of August. Once open registration begins on August 10-11, students may add courses to their learning community schedule and/or change the “guided” course choice; however, students may not drop/withdraw from learning community courses without consent from the ACE program coordinator.

For additional in-depth information, please visit the First Year Programs website at

If you choose ACE Learning Communities, we ask that, if possible, please take a few moments to participate in a survey, available upon registration submission, as we would really like to hear your opinion of the process so we may adapt and grow to meet the needs of future freshmen.

Already completed Pre-Registration?
If you have already completed registration through an ACE Learning Community, you will be able to view your final schedule on your MyUH portal by August 5th.

First Year Programs ACE Learning Community Program
For more information, questions, or concerns please contact us:
Phone: (808) 956-8626
Office: Student Success Center at Sinclair Library, Mezzanine 1B