Message from the Vice Chancellor

Vice Chancellor Reed DasenbrockOn behalf of the University of Hawaii at Manoa ohana (family), aloha and welcome to our campus. We believe you have made an excellent decision to join us. Many new and exciting things are planned for you. Beginning today, and in the weeks and months ahead, we will be actively engaging you in the Manoa Experience. Your journey begins right now.

You are a part of a new first year experience that we are offering all our incoming freshmen. This new experience is called the Freshmen Registration Opportunities (FRONT) and is available to you through this STAR portal. The FRONT system is an easy step-by-step guided pre-registration process that will request courses for you based on your areas of interest.

FRONT will offer you several options to register for all your fall 2016 classes, thereby giving you the opportunity to organize your classes prior to the start of school in late August.

FRONT is designed to assist you as you begin your academic journey at UHM. In the semesters ahead, you will choose the right major for you and learn to design your own schedule of courses using the 4 year academic plans.

For your first semester, however, our goal is to assist you in your selection of classes. All you have to do is select a major or an area of interest and you are on your way!

So, welcome aboard, get settled, and enjoy your adventure. We are ready to assist you each and every step of the way, but we want you to be an active member of the process. So start selecting. We want you to succeed at Manoa and become a proud Manoa alum. Do it in 4 years!

Again, welcome to Manoa.
Reed Dasenbrock
Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs