University of Hawaii at Manoa

Presenter Information

Presenter and Performer Information

All presentations may be up to 15 minutes. Performances may be up to 15 minutes depending on the medium. All performances must be either original material or presented with proper permissions. Performers are expected to provide their own props and/or instruments.

When submitting performance samples, if the files are too large to be attached to emails, we advise that you use a free online file distribution services, such as those provided by your university, or those available to the public (e.g., Once your files are uploaded, please send us the link so that we can download and review your submission.


Available on site:

  • Computer/laptop (each room)
  • Projector (each room)
  • Audio System (each room)
  • Slideshow remote/clicker (each room)

Presenters and performers must provide:

  • USB thumb drive of powerpoint presentations (if applicable)
  • Performers must provide their own instruments and/or props