University of Hawaii at Manoa

Short Term in Hawai‘i Program: Lectures

Many of our most popular lectures fall into three themes: the Arts of Asia and the Pacific, the Religions and Philosophies of Asia and the Pacific, and Multiculturalism: the Experience of Hawai‘i.

As mentioned earlier, please do not let these lists of lectures constrain you as you put together your program. If there are topics you would like your students to learn about that are not on the website, please send the program manager the topics. We would be happy to provide you with a lecture on your desired topic, so long as we are able to find a knowledgeable lecturer on that topic.

The Arts of Asia and the Pacific

Native Hawaiian Visual Culture
Stylistic and aesthetic characteristics of art of ancient and modern Hawai‘i.

Art of the Pacific
Visual form and function of the arts in cultural context.

Introduction to East Asian Art
Major developments in the arts of East Asia.

Japanese Art
Various forms of Japanese art, from painting to ceramic to textiles.

Representations of Women in Japanese Art
Issues relating to representations of women in Japanese art. Emphasis on social class and gender roles.

Art of China
Major developments of style and aesthetics of applied arts, architecture, furniture, and ceramics.

Art of Southeast Asia
Critical analysis of the historical and cultural developments of Buddhist and Hindu art of Southeast Asia.

Art of Ancient India
Critical analysis of the historical and cultural development of Indian architecture, painting and sculpture.

Dance in Asian Cultures
An overview of dance forms from different parts of Asia.

Hawaiian Dance
History, culture, and performance at the introductory level.

Pacific Dance
History, culture, and performance at the introductory level.

East Asian Dance
History, culture, and performance at the introductory level.

South and Southeast Asian Dance
History, culture, and performance at the introductory level.

Introduction to East Asian Theatre
Introduction to the aesthetics and techniques of theatre forms in China, Japan and Korea.

Kabuki and Noh Theatre
History and explanation of aesthetics and techniques.

Indonesia: A Culture in Performance
A look at Indonesian culture through an examination of dance and theatre.

Music in Hawai‘i
History of music in Hawai‘i, from the traditional native Hawaiian to the present

The Religions and Philosophies of Asia and the Pacific

Native Hawaiian Beliefs
This lecture introduces students to the major teachings, traditions and practices of ancient times to the present.

Covers how the tradition was born, how it has become so diverse, and what makes it unique.

Classical Buddhism
An introduction to Buddhism, its roots and a survey of its major forms and practices.

Buddhism in East Asia
Major features, trends and practices in the context of East Asian histories and cultures.

Early Chinese religion, formative and developing years and the modern period, emphasizing religious Taoism.

Chinese Religions
Taoist, Confucian, Buddhist, socialist and folk beliefs and practices in their social and historical context.

Examination of “A Chinese World View” through an historical and cultural examination of Confucianism.

Introduction to Shinto, analyzed in relation to social and cultural themes of major historical periods in Japan.

New Religions in East Asia
Cults and new religious movements in East Asia, examining types, causes and functions of these movements.

Visual Forms of Buddhism
Examines how ideals of Buddhism were conveyed through images from India through southeastern and northeastern Asia.

Mysticism East and West
Examines mystic traditions of the West from desert monasticism to Renaissance mystics compared with those of South and East Asia.

Funeral Rites in Japan
Focuses on funerals in contemporary Japan, from an examination of the “Death Boom” to ideas of changing postmortem identities.

Abortion and Buddhism in Japan
Examines the debate over interpretations of fetal Buddhist rites performed in Japan.

Christianity in East Asia
Looks at the history of Christianity in Japan and Korea, with an examination of the differences in appeal and practices/beliefs in each country.

Muslims in China
Examines the Muslim population and minorities in China through an anthropological study of the Hui.

Islam in Southeast Asia
A look at the spread and appeal of Islam in Southeast Asia and discussion of contemporary issues.

Multiculturalism: The Experience of Hawai‘i

An introduction to multiculturalism and Hawai‘i as a case study.

Hawai‘i: Center of the Pacific
An introduction to the history and culture of Hawai‘i from ancient times, when Hawaiians first arrived in the islands, to the present.

Pre-contact History of Hawai‘i
Survey of state and local history from Polynesian chiefdoms to Hawaiian kingdoms.

Post-contact History of Hawai‘i
Survey of Hawaiian chiefs from 1778 to the present, including genealogy, political function and historical impact.

The Overthrow
An examination of the overthrow of the Hawaiian kingdom and the repercussions today as well as contemporary issues and sovereignty.

Hawaiian Sovereignty
An examination of the debate surrounding sovereignty in Hawai‘i and the variety of perspectives of different groups.

Land Tenure in Hawai‘i
Explores the dynamics of change: Indigenous Hawaiian land tenure, Great Mahele and Kuleana Act, ethnic succession of land ownership and the concentration of ownership today.

An historical overview of the missionaries to Hawai‘i and their roles in the shaping of Hawai‘i today.

The Plantation Experience
This lecture introduces the experiences on Hawai‘i’s sugar plantations, examining the different immigrant groups and their family and ethnic relations.

Race, Ethnicity and Class in Hawai‘i
Historical context and issues affecting social change in ethnic communities in Hawai‘i.

Ethnic Identity in Hawai‘i
Discussion of individual and group problems of identity, identity conflict, culture conflict, and inter-ethnic relations in Hawai‘i.

East Asians in Hawai‘i
A survey of the experiences of Chinese, Japanese and Koreans in Hawai‘i from the plantation period to the present.

Japanese Experience in Hawai‘i
This lecture examines the first generation of immigrants from Japan, the role of Japanese in labor, politics and business in Hawai’i, as well as the third generation and perspectives on local identity and culture.

Chinese Experience in Hawai‘i
An ethno-historical and contemporary view of the experiences of the Chinese in Hawai‘i, and includes specific roles and contributions as well as a look at immigration and identity.

Korean Experience in Hawai‘i
Historical and contemporary experiences, patterns of immigration, plantation conditions, community development and roles in society.

Filipino Experience in Hawai‘i
Historical and contemporary experiences of Filipinos in Hawai‘i with an examination of immigration, traditional culture and values, racism and the plantation experience.

Southeast Asians in Hawai‘i
A survey of the experiences of Filipinos and other Southeast Asians in Hawai‘i from the plantation period to the present.

Pacific Islander Experience in Hawai‘i
A survey of the experiences of other Pacific Islanders in Hawai‘i and contemporary issues facing these groups.

Caucasian Experience in Hawai‘i
Historical and current views of white ethnic groups in Hawai‘i, and their relationship to economic and social development.

Current Issues in Hawai‘i
A look at contemporary issues facing the islands of Hawai‘i and national implications.