University of Hawaii at Manoa

Short Term in Hawai‘i Program Information


As a starting place, please browse the three broad program themes we have found to be popular. Do not, however, let these themes or the lectures and field trips listed constrict your own ideas for a program. We will work with you to design a program which fits the your course needs and the interests of your students. If you have specific topics in mind, please be sure to send those topics to us – we try our hardest to accommodate requests.

Our Short-term in Hawai’i programs generally include four (4) lectures and two (2) fieldtrips per week (15-20 instructional hours), and most typical programs run for 2, 3 or 4 weeks. Thus:

2 WEEKS • 8 lectures, 4 field trips, 30–40 instructional hours
3 WEEKS • 12 lectures, 6 field trips, 45–60 instructional hours
4 WEEKS • 16 lectures, 8 field trips, 60–80 instructional hours

The course hours can be increased by supplementing the program with additional lectures by your own faculty, class assignments and papers. If you require classroom space for your own sessions, we would be happy to provide it; please be sure to notify the program manager of such needs.


When possible, we prefer to house groups at on-campus dormitories (University of Hawai‘i conference housing dormitory or East-West Center dormitories, when space is available). However, space at these dormitories is limited, and in the event that the on-campus facilities are full, we also offer pricing for groups to stay at a reasonably-priced hotel.

All lectures are held on the University of Hawai‘i campus, most often in our Center for Korean Studies or in Moore Hall. Most field trips require chartered bus transportation, but are still on the island of Oahu. Requests for neighbor island visits are at additional cost.


Programs may be arranged for any time of the year. January through March, May and the summer have proved to be the most popular times for programs. If you are interested in holding a program during those time periods, we highly recommend sending your request in early. On-campus housing fills up quickly, so it is vital to submit applications as early as possible.

Number of Students

The minimum number of students for a Short-term in Hawai’i program is 14. This minimum is for the cost structure noted on the website. We can accommodate smaller group sizes, but the pricing will be different for such groups. Please ask the program manager for an estimate based on the number of students you anticipate for your group.

The final count of students, including names, must be received in our program office at the time of payment. Should you anticipate any difficulty in submitting this information by the deadline, please contact the program manager.

Getting Started

Once you have browsed through the possibilities for programs, please contact the program manager with:

  1. The projected dates for your program (rough dates are fine)
  2. The theme/focus of your program, including listed lectures/field trips you feel would fit your needs, and possible requests for anything you would like to see on your schedule that is not listed
  3. Any questions you have about the Short-term in Hawai‘i program or the University of Hawai‘i

All programs begin here, with you telling us about what you would like your students to learn and experience. The program manager will then work with you to lay out the program, informing you of the possible options and investigating your special requests.

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