All about Fishes: 'Fish Life' 

What more can you learn about fish adaptation and survival? Read the attachments below to investigate some dominent fish species in Hawai'i and their survival strategies. 'Fish Life' is a 12-part series about inshore fish of Hawaiʻi. It is a project of the Hawaiʻi Fisheries Local Action Strategy produced by the Division of Aquatic Resources.

Part 1: Ulua (Jacks)


Part 2: Uhu (Parrotfish)


Part 3: Fecund Females


Part 4: Moi (Pacific threadfin)


Part 5: Reef vs. Pelagic


Part 6: Yellow Tang


Part 7: Taape (Snapper)


Part 8: Food Webs


Part 9: Goatfish


Part 10: Roi (Peacock Grouper)


Part 11: Fish Talk


Part 12: Moon Phases



The FishLife handouts provided here were produced by the Division of Aquatic Resources and funded by the Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration Program. They are indexed and dowloadable on this NOAA site



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