Upcoming Events

Our Work

To ensure we uphold to our organization's motto we host multiple events during the Fall and Spring semesters. Events include a Language & Cultural Picnic (Fall and Spring), Ramrambak (Fall), and Drama, Song, & Film Festival (Fall and Spring). We also participate and attend community events which are hosted by various groups. Events include Pasko sa FilCom (Fall), Manoa Experience (Spring), International Night (Spring), and Filipino Fiesta (Spring).

We also participate in various community service projects with the community, hold multiple fundraising events throughout the academic school year, and host an end of the year banquet to celebrate and honor all the student accomplishments.


Held at the beginning of every Fall and Spring semester we host a picnic so all the students that are enrolled in the Ilokano courses as well as a few Indo-Pacific (IP) courses can interact and get to know one another. Lots of fun games (language, culture, and energizers/icebreakers), delicious food, performances from the 100 and 200 level students, and tons of time to socialize.

Drama, Song, & Film Festival

Held towards the ending of every Fall and Spring semester we host two festivals. The drama and song festival is usually held first and this is where the Ilokano students showcase their talents in acting and singing with what they have learned throughout the semester. The beginning level courses perform skits while the intermediate level courses perform musicals. Third and fourth level courses create videos. All of these are done in Ilokano. The IP Film Festival is held shortly right after. This is where the IP courses showcase what they have learned throughout the semester in their culture courses. The videos produced are usually done in english.


Held in the middle of the Fall semester, Ramrambak is an event in which all things Ilokano are showcased. On the third Sunday of September, the Ilokano Program puts this event together at the FilCom Center in Waipahu for everyone to come and enjoy what the Ilokano language and culture has to offer. Performances are done by the students or from members of the community.

Pasko sa FilCom

In December the annual Christmas celebration is held at the Filipino Community Center in Waipahu. Various organizations attend and showcase their talents in singing, dancing, arts and crafts and food demonstrations. Timpuyog participates in the event and always have an arts and crafts booth. We occasionally have a food demonstration booth where we showcase the making of certain FIlipino dishes like tupig or miki.

International Night

During the middle of the Spring semester, UH Manoa hosts an International Night where all ethnic groups showcase what their country is all about. Timpuyog always participates in this event and showcase the Ilokano language and Filipino culture for all attendees to see.

Manoa Experience

This event is for new students to get a taste of what the UH Manoa campus is all about. Students from all parts of the world, who are interested in attending the University of Hawaii, are encouraged to attend the event. At the event our members promote the Ilokano Language and IP courses. Our selling point to future students is that the University of Hawaii at Manoa is the only campus in the world that offers a Bachelors degree in Ilokano.

Community Service

Members of the organization are so grateful all the love and support that we receive every academic school year, thus we always give back. Beach clean ups, collecting money to help feed children, cooking meals at the Ronald McDonald house, and helping out at various community events as well as school events.


In order for us to host events and offer scholarships to our students, we hold multiple fundraising events throughout the year. Selling things like ice candy, longganisa, bangus, baked goods like dougnuts, mochi ice cream, shirts, canned juice, and bottled water. The funds raised are strictly for our students, they go towards prizes, food for events, and scholarships.


The annual Ilokano BA Scholarship and Timpuyog Banquet is held towards the end of every academic school year (in April). At the event we dine, watch performances, dance and most importantly honor the students for all their accomplishments. We acknowledge all the students who are graudating that year and those who served as either an officer or class representative for the organization, award the students who won individual prizes from the Drama and Songe Festival, award the scholarship recipient, and offer an authentic abel sablay to our Ilokano majors.

Filipino Fiesta

Held in early May, the Filipino Fiesta is an event in which all things Filipino are showcased. The Ilokano Program and Timpuyog Organization always participates at the event which is usually held at Kapiolani Park. The event is free and everyone is invited to come and enjoy all things Filipino. Performances are done by students or from members of the community.