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Who are we?

Timpuyog is a non-profit student run organization which strives to preserve the Ilokano identity through language, literature, and culture. The Timpuyog Organization is comprised of students enrolled within Ilokano and Indo-Pacific courses at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Please feel free to browse around and learn more about Timpuyog.

We, the students of the Timpuyog Organization, believe in establishing a spirit of pride, emphasizing the advancement of the Ilokano language and culture, and providing opportunities for the meaningful exchanges of ideas.

Organization objectives:

~ To serve the needs of students of the Ilokano language and theater program and others interested in the Ilokano the Ilokano language and Philippine culture.
~ To promote the Ilokano language and Philippine culture in the community.
~ To instill pride in our Ilokano heritage.
~ To develop leadership skills among the students.
~ To help students develop proficiency in Ilokano and awareness of Filipino traditions and values through meaningful language and culutral activities.
~ To serve the community through cultural presentations.
~ To encourage Ilokano students to speak Ilokano.
~ To serve as role models for our Filipino youth.

Constitution & Bylaws of the organization

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Ilokano Language & Literature Program

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