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Timpuyog (“togetherness”) is the organization of students enrolled in various courses offered by the Ilokano Language and Literature Program (ILLP) at UH Mānoa. These courses cover up to 400-level of Ilokano language, on Philippine critical discourses, on popular culture, on Philippine cinema, and on the translation and interpretation studies in Ilokano.

Timpuyog aims to bring together these students in various courses in an effort to equip them with linguistic and cultural competencies, and to make them aware of the importance of the Ilokano language in the State of Hawaiʻi and the history of Philippine diaspora in particular, with Ilokano itself as historically the language of Filipino diaspora in the United States of America.

Timpuyog works in tandem with ILLP, holds fundraisers for the Ilokano B.A. Scholarship and for its members as they train for more responsible roles in the community. The students involved in this organization are trained to assume leadership positions and skills that are vital in their professional and citizenship roles.

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The Organization's Objectives

  • ~ To serve the needs of students of the Ilokano language and theater program and others interested in the Ilokano the Ilokano language and Philippine culture.
  • ~ To promote the Ilokano language and Philippine culture in the community.
  • ~ To instill pride in our Ilokano heritage.
  • ~ To develop leadership skills among the students.
  • ~ To help students develop proficiency in Ilokano and awareness of Filipino traditions and values through meaningful language and culutral activities.
  • ~ To serve the community through cultural presentations.
  • ~ To encourage Ilokano students to speak Ilokano.
  • ~ To serve as role models for our Filipino youth.

Current Executive Board

Jane Nicole T. | Geraldine E. | Sharlene I. | Irene Joy C.

Germaine Lindsay J. | Eugene T.M. | Micah A. | Ahlaynee M.

Danny D. Jr. | Krizhna B. | Roxanne A. | Sharie M.

Manang Clem | Manong Dean

Fall 2019 Events

SEP 21 Piknik Ala Moana Beach - Magic Island Site 40 9:00am to 2:00pm
NOV 16 Drama and Song Festival UH Manoa Campus - ART 132 9:00am to 2:00pm
DEC 6 IP Film Festival UH Manoa Campus - BUSAD A101 5:30am to 9:00pm

Our Work

Our Work

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