For Students

Veterinary medical schools are interested in learning more about their applicants through the types of experiences they have gained during their years in college.. Volunteering, shadowing, and working can help students not only learn more about the profession, but to also gain a better understanding of their personal interests, strengths, and goals. Students can join the Pre-Veterinary Mentorship Program if they are interested in obtaining information and aid to finding veterinary and/or animal related experiences for their veterinary school portfolios. By joining the Mentorship Program, students can benefit from the program’s services in order to pursue their veterinary goals.


To join the Mentorship Program, please follow the steps below:

  • Be a Pre-Veterinary Club member. Join the club by contacting the Pre-Veterinary Club at the University of Hawai`i at Mānoa at
  • Inquire about the Mentorship Program by e-mailing us about your interest in participating in the program.
  • Schedule a Mentorship Advising Session (group or individual) with the mentorship coordinator at either the Pre-Veterinary Club General Meetings or by e-mailing the Pre-Veterinary Club.
  • Fill out a Mentorship Program Profile Form before/during a Mentorship Advising session. Forms are available here on our website if you have time to fill out a form.
  • Submit your form to mentorship coordinator in person or electronically to the Pre-Veterinary Club E-mail.
  • Participate in all Mentorship Program services AND volunteer/work in your desired interests!