Irene Liang

►►► President

Major: Animal Science with Vet Concentration

Work Experience: 5 years in retail management, currently a veterinary assisstant

Hobbies: Playing with my fur babies

Goals: Get into Vet School! Teach my dog more tricks

Pets: Kea my Lab/Retriever, Pitbull, airedale mix dog and Semmi my Siamese Cat

Why Pre-vet?
If you love animals and want to learn more while creating genuine experiences with them, we provide the opportunities to do so! And you get to be around other animal-loving people who feel just the way you do.

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○Lauren Arakaki○

►►► Vice-President

Major: Animal Science

Work Experience: Veterinary Technician at Aina Haina Pet Hospital

Hobbies: Going running, hiking, and the beach with my friends! I also have a sweet tooth and love to eat yummy foods!

Goals: My number one goal is to get into Veterinary School and provide a helping hand to animals and people all around the world! 

Pets: I have a pet bunny named Bunny

Why Pre-vet? 

The Pre-Veterinary Club is a great way to get your foot in the door in the
veterinary field and is a great extracurricular for volunteering experience, as well as workshops geared towards clinical practices. The PVC is also a wonderful way to help students prepare for veterinary school, meet professionals across the country, and learn about various careers within the field. Through the club, I have made some unforgettable memories with some of my closest friends who share a common passion for animals and giving back to the community.



Kylie Ebisuya ○

►►► Secretary

Major: Animal Science

Work Experience: I am currently employed as a Veterinary Assistant at a small animal practice in Honolulu. 

Hobbies: I enjoy coaching Science Olympiad and dancing on my free time.

Goals: To pursue a career in Veterinary Medicine!

Pets: Dog named Sushi

Why Pre-Vet? 

The Pre-Vet Club has not only helped me to make connections but also provided me with a multitude of opportunities and experience. When I started my first year at UH Manoa, I was very confused about everything involving vet school, but thanks to the Pre-Vet Club, I’ve been able to learn more about the applying process and how to better my application. 

Anisa Segovia ○

►►► Events Coordinator 

Major: Animal Science 

Work Experience: Work at PetSmart as a Stylist Apprentice. I have volunteered with King Street Pet Hospital and Hawaiian Humane Society. 

Hobbies: Buying Starbucks, Cooking and Baking, playing the violin, Eating food and Boba and hanging out with friends.

Goals: To attend Veterinary School

Pets: Leo (Golden Retriever ), Ashe and Cherries ( Guinea Pigs), Nibbles ( Chinchilla), Lola ( Lion-head Rabbit) and Xiexie ( Cocktail).

Why Pre-Vet: 

Pre-Vet club is a great place to start off if you love animals. We offer experiences and opportunities that will provide information about what it’s like working in an Animal Related Field. Its also a  place for you to meet new people with the same passion as you do. 

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○Rose DeRyder○

►►► Treasurer

Major: BS Biology

Work Experience: Dog Walking volunteer at the HHS for 2.5 years and Clinic Volunteer at HHS for 6 months.

Hobbies: Hiking, reading, exploring, and relaxing at the beach!

Goals: Graduate summa cum laude

Pets: My two dogs Molly and Carli who are back home in NJ

Why Pre-vet? 

The pre-veterinary club is a great place to start if you’re interested in veterinary medicine! Even if you’re unsure about your future, the pre-vet club is great for anyone who wants to learn more about veterinary medicine.

Katrina Lam 

►►► Events Club Coordinator

Major: Animal Science

Work Experience: RVT

Hobbies: I love to hike, lounge on the beach, play games, and binge watch anime.

Goals: To become a veterinarian, and specialize in emergency or laboratory animal medicine.

Pets: Cat named Mjolnir.

Why Pre-vet? Good networking, learn about the possible opportunities, and fun activities.

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Christine Wakuzawa ○

►►► Webmaster

Major: Animal Science

Work Experience: Ka Leo O Hawaii Photographer and Veterinary Assistant at VCA University Animal Hospital.

Goals: To get into veterinary school and improve the lives of both animals and humans!

Why Pre-Vet? 

The Pre-Veterinary Club is a great way to meet new friends who have a common goal: to learn about and help animals.  PVC also provides amazing opportunities to delve into the world of veterinary medicine.


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Elise Gunter


Major: Marine Biology

Hobbies: I make memes for a living, but usually on my free time, I like drawing, writing stories and poems, playing video games, as well as playing/writing music. I also like going to the beach and aquariums. The sea is my happy place 🙂

Goals: My goal is to become an Aquatic Veterinarian!

Pets: One Bichon Frise named Cozy :’)

Why Pre-Vet: 

With the Pre-Vet Club, I get more experience and close-ups with animals than I ever did before. The meetings and events are helpful ways to get information and advice from experienced vets and other pre-vet students!

○Madyson Marcolina Kelley

►►►Fundraising Coordinator

Major: Animal Science, Pre-Vet

Work Experience: VCA University Animal Hospital

Hobbies: Yoga, painting and going to the beach

Goals: To attend vet school in 2021

Pets: Two cats, Marley and Makua

Why Pre-Vet: Pre-vet club allows students to meet other students with similar goals, and helps provide resources and information to help enter the animal field






○ Dr. Jenee Odani○

Pre-Vet Program Advisor

Position: Associate Specialist (Veterinary Extension)


-BA in Zoology from University of Washington

-DVM from University of California Davis

Pets: Zoe the Porgi and her three cats Joey, Howie, and Peaches

Fun Fact: I can’t live without Diet Mountain Dew (it’s the true beverage of champions!)

Contact information:
808-956-3847 (office)