Angela Warner

►►► President

Major: Animal Science

Work Experience: Veterinary technician for two years, veterinary extension

Hobbies: Going to the beach, hiking, and finding the best eateries and boba!

Goals: My immediate goal is to attend veterinary school!

Pets: A dog named Maxwell and two cats named Diamond and Dexter

Why Pre-vet? I think students should join the pre-vet club because it’s a great extra-curricular for volunteering, to meet veterinarians, and to get involved in workshops geared towards clinical duties. I also think the club is a great resource for opportunities! I found out about my first clinical job through the club!

Renita Coursey-Gacad

►►► Vice-President

Major: Animal Science

Work Experience: Veterinary Technician at VCA Family & Oahu Veterinary Specialty Center

Hobbies: Stargazing, hiking, & spending too much money at Target!

Goals: Be accepted into veterinary college and go on to become a board-certified emergency and critical care veterinarian.

Pets: Archie AKA Tuna Boy ❤️

Why Pre-vet? To meet folks with similar goals as yourself and to get more involved within your chosen career field. Joining our Pre-Vet Club is an awesome way to do that!

Lauren Arakaki

►►► Secretary

Major: Animal Science (Sophomore)

Hobbies: I like to go running, hiking, go to the beach with my friends, and spend time with my bunny in my free time.

Goals: The ultimate goal is to always get into Veterinary School and to provide a helping hand to animals and people all across the world!!

Pets: I have a pet bunny named Bunny 🙂

Why pre-vet? The PVC is a great way to get your foot in the door in the veterinary field and allows you to learn and grow as a prospective vet. The PVC also provides opportunities to get some hands-on experience, as well as making unforgettable memories with friends who share a common passion for animals and with giving back to the community.

Irene Liang ○

►►► Treasurer and Fundraising Coordinator

Major: Animal Science with Pre-Vet Concentration

Work Experience: 5 years in management, and just starting a vet tech position at VCA in Pearl City

Hobbies: Spending time with my fur babies, occasional soap making, and watching movies.

Goals: Get into UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, teach my dog how to skateboard, and spend more time with my family.

Pets: Kea my lab/retriever, pitbull, airedale mix dog & Semmi my Siamese mix cat

Why Pre-Vet: If you love animals and want to learn more while creating genuine experiences with them, we provide the opportunities to do so! And you get to be around other animal-loving people who feel just the way you do.

Kathryn Paradis

►►► Events Club Coordinator

Major: Animal Science

Work Experience: I have volunteered as a Dog Walker and Veterinary Assistant at Haven Humane Society, and have been employed as a Kennel Technician at Country Aire Pet Resort in California. In Hawai’i, I have worked as a Lab Technician Assistant for the Department of Biology at UH Manoa, volunteered for the Animal and Veterinary Services of UH Manoa, and worked with various animals through my current Master’s degree at UH Manoa.

Hobbies: Many. Life keeps me busy most of the time, but my most recent hobbies include image manipulation, playing video games, and crocheting amigurumi plushies!

Goals:  My goal is to become a Veterinarian, and one day own a small farm of my own.

Pets: I don’t own any pets here in Hawai’i (dorm rules), but during my adventures as a Lab Technician Assistant I claimed a mongoose as my own. His name is Snickerdoodle. He lives in Waimanalo.

Why Pre-vet? The pre-vet club is a great resource for those interested in applying to Veterinary schools in the future. It not only provides opportunities to connect with other pre-veterinary students who are on the same journey, but also directly provides hands-on experiences, connections to people and places to earn animal and veterinary experiences, resources to help you stay on top of the application process, and fun events to enjoy. As someone who earned her undergraduate degree at a university that did not have a pre-veterinary club, I can say with certainty that if you take advantage of the pre-vet club and what it has to offer, you will be well-prepared for Veterinary school applications.

Katrina Lam 

►►► Events Club Coordinator

Major: Animal Science

Work Experience: RVT

Hobbies: I love to hike, lounge on the beach, play games, and binge watch anime.

Goals: To become a veterinarian, and specialize in emergency or laboratory animal medicine.

Pets: Cat named Mjolnir.

Why Pre-vet? Good networking, learn about the possible opportunities, and fun activities.


Dionne Sesepasara

►►► Webmaster

Major: Animal Science

Work Experience: Too many to list … currently, I work for the Native Hawaiian Stem Program NHSEMP, on the side, I tattoo and work in a skincare shop.

Hobbies: I am a mom and I go on adventures with my daughter, together we love to scuba dive, go to the movies, watch T.V., take photos, and spend money shopping …its actually a problem-not a hobby 🙂

Goals: To become a licensed veterinarian in the state of Hawaii, or to achieve a Ph.D. and become a professor/ scientist.

Pets: I have 3 cats … Clawed (male), Ginger (male), and Keanu (female). They are all rescues. I love them with all my heart.

Why pre-vet? The pre-vet club is a place to learn about becoming a veterinarian, networking with people is extremely beneficial, free food during meetings 🙂 and the field trips are amazing. I personally like to be around people with the same goal as me.


Nevada Perkins

►►►Fundraising Coordinator

Major: Animal Science

Hobbies: Video games, watching Ducks games

Goals: Get into vet School

Pets: 3 cats and a dog

Why Pre-Vet: Get to know people who have similar interests as you

○Madyson Marcolina Kelley

►►►Fundraising Coordinator

Major: Animal Science, Pre-Vet

Work Experience: VCA University Animal Hospital

Hobbies: Yoga, painting and going to the beach

Goals: To attend vet school in 2021

Pets: Two cats, Marley and Makua

Why Pre-Vet: Pre-vet club allows students to meet other students with similar goals, and helps provide resources and information to help enter the animal field


○ Dr. Jenee Odani○

Pre-Vet Program Advisor

Position: Associate Specialist (Veterinary Extension)


-BA in Zoology from University of Washington

-DVM from University of California Davis

Pets: Zoe the Porgi and her three cats Joey, Howie, and Peaches

Fun Fact: I can’t live without Diet Mountain Dew (it’s the true beverage of champions!)

Contact information:
808-956-3847 (office)