How To Join

Why Join the Pre-Vet Club?

The Pre-Vet Club provides many opportunities for members to get hands-on experience dealing with all kinds of animals and help members learn about various aspects in the veterinary field. Many of our events allow members to interact with veterinarians and animal science specialists to help you broaden your knowledge about animals and veterinary care. We also have events that emphasize community service and fundraising. In addition, Pre-Vet Club is a great opportunity to make friends and socialize with those who have the same interests and passion that you do!


  1. Be a student within the UH system with a validated ID
  2. Pay club dues ($25 per semester or $35 per academic year)
  3. Fill out, sign and turn in a waiver form (obtainable at first meetings of the semester.)
  4. We are doing a point system where you receive 1 point per general meeting, 2 points per event and 3-4 points for offering rides one-way or round trip. You will need 10 points to be considered an active member. Points will be deducted for not showing up to RSVP’d events without notifying the club 48 hours in advance.
  5. Have fun and make new friends!