The following are the nominees for the 2012-2013 academic year. If you are a nominee and have found an error in your information, please feel free to contact the Pre-Vet Club via e-mail.



Marta Hura

I love watching and helping this club grow and develop as well as its members taking away valuable experiences. If elected president of this club I would try my best to continue and further its growth through hard work and tenacity. I believe I demonstrate the necessary qualities to be president which include dedication, commitment, flexibility, and a sense of fairness and responsibility.



Connie Tran

I am an Animal Sciences major in my senior year. I have been treasurer of the pre-vet club since it started and have continued holding the position responsibly for 2 consecutive years. I have restarted our account and kept a positive balance while looking for ways to save money over the years.

I feel qualified for this position because of my experience with my treasurer position. I also have experience working with animals in a small animal clinic, giving me some knowledge of the veterinary field. I have been working there for two years.

If I am elected Vice President, I want to help find new events for our members to gain invaluable experience.



Sylvia Lee

My name is Sylvia Lee and I’ve been an active member and officer of Pre-Vet Club for the past year as webmaster. I am a junior in Animal Science and hope to go to vet school after serving two years in the Peace Corps. I also work at a small animal clinic and have years of experience working with animals. I have also had a lot of experience with leadership roles after being team captain of Kalani riflery team for several years.

After having developed and completed the new club website, I am interested in taking on a new role that can help better the club even more. Doing my part as webmaster has exposed me to how the officers of Pre-Vet Club work together, and that has allowed me to work closely with the tasks of secretary (updating news, events, and content on the website) and made me realize what else can be done to better the club. If elected secretary, I will improve the communication between members and officers in order to create the best experience possible for any involved with the Pre-Vet Club.


Tracy Sy

My name is Tracy Sy. I am a graduate student in the Animal Science department looking to go to Veterinary school after I get my Masters degree. I have been a general member in the Pre-Veterinary club and I would like to step up my roll from general member to a board/committee member. I would like to be more involved in this upcoming year.
I have been in a leadership role with the Rotaract club at UH Manoa for about 4 years now. In 2010-2011, I was President. Currently I am serving as Past-President/Vocational/Communications Chair. With my background in a leadership position with Rotaract, I feel I am well-prepared for a leadership position with the Pre-Vet club.

{Service Coordinator}


Teale Thornburg

I am going to be a senior in the animal science major and my goal is to become a small animal veterinarian. For the past two years I have held the role as the community service coordinator in the club and so I know what is expected of me. I am responsible and follow through with all of the events that I plan. The pre-vet club is an important part of my college life and I want to make it the best that I can for our members.



Tracey Shigeta

I am currently a junior majoring in Animal Science. I love animals! I think I am fit to be treasurer because I am very responsible with my own funds. I pay monthly bills so I know how important it is to stay on top of things. I will keep everything organized and will do what needs to be done in a timely manner.



Tyler Smith

My name is Tyler Smith and I am majoring in zoology. I am in the pre-vet club because one day I would like to be a large animal vet. I decided this after growing up with horses all my life as well as experiencing what it is like working with small animals at my fathers clinic. I would like to be involved in the pre-vet club more than just being a member which is why I an nominating my self for an officer position. I feel I am competent enough to be an officer and I have always been a responsible and hardworking person in situations such as this. For example, my hard work has lead me to become the valedictorian of my high school class and has allowed me to maintain good grades in my freshman year of college. I am also knowledgeable about animals, particularly horses. If I became an officer i could potentially organize activities involving my own horses.

{Mentorship Coordinator}


Tracey Shigeta

I am currently a junior majoring in Animal Science. I am fit for this position because I think it’s a great program and it would be great to be involved in helping my classmates gain experience in their area(s) of interest in veterinary medicine.

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