○ Threnody Brown Early-Clark ○


Major: Senior, Inter-Disciplinary Studies

Hobbies: My hobbies include napping, surfing poorly, reading, and hiking.
Experience: Honolulu Zoo Vet Clinic (volunteer), Kewalo Marine Labs (research assistant), Animal Clinic of Honolulu (volunteer and kennel employee)
Goals: My top priority for the 2017-2018 year is to help members explore new areas of within the field of veterinary medicine. I also hope to broaden and support the interests of current pre-veterinary students at Manoa- as well as bring in new students who may not be as familiar in the profession.
Pets: Patch (7y/o chihuahua), Pono (4y/o cat), Pala’ai (1y/o lion head rabbit), and Puka (7 week old kitten)
Why Pre-Vet:I have known that I wanted to be a vet since I could speak, so there really was no other option for me besides pre-vet. However, this club has provided so many more opportunities than I ever expected as a pre-vet undergraduate. I hope to be able to share my passion for veterinary medicine with all our members this year!

○ Megan Williams ○


Major: Senior  in Animal Sciences

Hobbies: Scuba diving, skiing, traveling, attempting to pass Organic Chemistry, and previously competitive Irish dancing.
Pets: I have a black cat that we found as an abandoned kitten named Lola and a German shorthair pointer mix/love of my life named Tucker.
Goals: My ultimate career goal would be to become a vet at a zoo or wildlife park. I have always had a soft spot for wild animals and marine life and hope to attend a vet school that will allow me to specialize in one of those areas. My goals for the club this year include to planning events and activities that expose our members to the many different types of veterinary medicine as well as other careers working with animals. I would also like to help mentor those who are on the path to vet school and create a positive environment for new and old members alike.
Why Pre-vet? I’m one of those people who has always loved and wanted to work with animals. Although veterinary may be a difficult path, I think it will lead to a rewarding career I can be proud of and truly happy with.

○ Meghan Chow ○

►►Co-Fundraising Coordinator

Major: Senior in Animal Sciences

Work Experience: I volunteered at King Street Pet Hospital my freshman year of college and after that I was hired by them to be a veterinary assistant. I also got some really cool hands-on experience through the VIDA program, where I got to assist in spays and neuters in Guatemala.

Hobbies: My hobbies include hiking, snorkeling, stand-up paddle boarding, and hitting the gym when i have time. 
Goals: My goal is to become a doctor of veterinary medicine. I haven’t decided which field, but I’m excited to see where this journey will take me.

Why Pre-vet? . I love being a part of the Pre-Vet club because we get so many amazing opportunities and hands-on experiences that we can’t get in the classroom. I’m looking forward to diving with sharks and horseback riding!


○ Christina Garcia-Rovetta ○

►►Co-Events Coordinator

Major: Senior in Animal Science

Work Experience: Honolulu Humane Society Vet Clinic, Aragon Vet Clinic, and Burlingame Dog Groomer

Hobbies: Anything outdoors

Goals: I want to go to grad school for psychological sciences and animal behavior

Why Pre-vet? I joined pre vet club because it’s a great way to get a variety of hands on experiences, and introduces new animal related opportunities in the professional world


○ Jena Miller ○

►►Co-Fundraising Coordinator

Major: Junior- Animal Science

Work experience: Internship experience at Tooele Veterinary Clinic, Kennel technician at Bay County Humane Society and Veterinary technician at Incirlik Air Base Veterinary Treatment Facility

Hobbies: On my off time, I love spending time with my little family. Justin my husband, Yogi Bear our dog and Jessie our cat. I enjoy living close to the ocean and the mountains and being able to take advantage of paddle boarding, snorkeling and hiking adventures.  I have also recently picked up learning how to golf.

Goals: My goal is to be wise with a strong and kind heart. If I strive for this every day I believe I can accomplish any future goals I set for myself.

Why Pre-vet? I am part of the Pre-vet club because it is a wonderful way to meet other people with a shared passion for animals. It has also given me insight in the many opportunities that are available to work with animals.


○ Leah Horvath○


Major: Senior, Animal Science major (Japanese minor)

Work Experience: Worked at Paws&Claws Total Dog (dog boarding and dog daycare), I also went on the pre-vet VIDA trip in spring 2016

Hobbies: Dog agility/obedience (I teach classes back in WI), drawing, scrap-booking, photography

Goals: Graduate in spring 2018, compete in the AKC national agility trial

Why pre-vet?- I love animals, and even though I’m not sure at this point in my life about whether or not I’ll ever apply to vet school, I know that regardless of where I end up in life, I definitely want to work closely with animals.

○ Karen Ishii○

►►►Media Coordinator

Major: Animal Science

Work experience: Former tutor and cram school teacher. Volunteering at the Hawaii Humane Society and had some experience with VIDA volunteering.

Hobbies: Reading, sleeping, and interacting with animals.

Goals: Hopefully to go to vet school and work with small animals. Even if I don’t I do want to work in a field that would be related to animals. As a media coordinator, I hope to capture many moments of our members and upload them on our social media so we can have more people know about what we do as a club and hopefully take interest.

Why Pre-vet? I joined pre-vet since I really love animals and I thought it would be a great way to get more experience.



○ Natasha Rembert ○


Major: year 4 – Animal Science major

Work experience: Former warehouse assistant & volunteer work (zoo, humane society, etc.)

Hobbies: Drawing/painting/artsy stuff, doing nails, playing ukulele, video games, tennis, gardening
Goals: earn BS in animal science, have career that involves working with animals, and to be the best treasurer I can :p

Why Pre-vet? Pre-vet provides lots of great opportunities/activities that help you to gain experience and make new friendships & connections in the animal science field.



○ Dr. Jenee Odani○

Pre-Vet Program Advisor

Position: Associate Specialist (Veterinary Extension)


-BA in Zoology from University of Washington

-DVM from University of California Davis

Pets: Zoe the Porgi and her three cats Joey, Howie, and Peaches

Fun Fact: I can’t live without Diet Mountain Dew (it’s the true beverage of champions!)


Contact information:
808-956-3847 (office)


○ Dr. Douglas Vincent○

►►Pre-Vet Program Advisor

Position: Professor and Animal Scientist
Education: Been on the UH faculty since 1985
– NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship in Endocrinology at West Virginia University
– Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
– M.S. in Physiology from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
– B.A. in Zoology from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
– Specializations in Reproductive Physiology and Animal Physiology
Pets: I have two cats, Lilly (4 years) and Katie (8 years)

Fun Fact: My instagram (heybrah2) is devoted to loco moco’s I’ve consumed at different restaurants. 

Contact information:
Office 314E
808-956-8393 (office)
808-554-1692 (cell)
@douglaslvincent (Twitter)