Look Out Because Pre-Vet Club Is Back In Action!

Ladies and gentlemen!

Welcome back for a new semester of fun and learning. The Pre-Vet Club at the University of Hawaii at Manoa is striving to even better than before. More guests, more activities, and even more fun!

Our first meeting of the semester will take place in AGSCI 219 on September 2nd at 5:30PM.

We hope to see many familiar faces a well as new additions to our pre-vet club family.

Information about what our club is all about will be presented during this first meeting of the semester. Meet our dedicated officers and learn just what we are all about.

We hope to see you there!

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Photo Credit: Beverly Quock

Congratulations to Scholarship Recipients!

It is our great honor to present the students who have received the Charles Reid Scholarships as well as two students that were awarded the WICHE scholarships for veterinary school.

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A big congratulations to our two Pre-Veterinary students Krista Ann Lee (left) and Kyle Peacott-Ricardos (right) in being awarded the WICHE scholarships for veterinary school.


Congratulations to the recipients of the Charles Reid Scholarship – Front row: Maya Boxler, Kyle Tatro, Jerrisa Ching, Keala Stibbard, Krista Ann Lee, & Makenzie Parr
Back row: Brandy Stewart, Kari Brayell, Francisco Valenzuela, Andrew Haro, Tyler Primavera, & Norine Ornellas-Walsh

To Prospective Exotic Vets

While we all love our domestic animals dearly, there is something to be said for the appeal and intrigue exotic animals possess. Their brilliant colors, anatomical diversity, and unique vocalizations inspire wonder and awe. Wouldn’t it be a truly amazing job to protect and care for the rarest animals in the world? This is a stellar opportunity for all PVC members with an interest in exotic animals to join us on 1/31/15 to participate in a behind the scenes tour of the Honolulu Zoo’s Vet Clinic, as well as participate in assisting making toys for animal enrichment. Hope to see you there!

These horned ruminants are just like us: they have seven cervical vertebrae!
Photo Credit: Andrew Haro