FUNDRAISER FOR: Equine 808 Horse Rescue

PURPOSE: To raise money to change the horse stall flooring from mud to rock. Horses can contract thrush, the rotting of the frog of the hoof from constantly standing in wet and muddy stalls. These conditions can also cause horses to slip and injure themselves. The current stall flooring is just earth, so it is difficult to clean, allowing urine and feces to accumulate.

WHERE: Panda Express (Paradise Palms)

HOW: Print or show an electronic copy of the fundraiser flyer as you checkout from Panda Express! THIS IS A MUST!!It is attached at the bottom of this post.

WHEN:  All day 12/1/14

POINTS?!1 point for participating in this fundraiser! Please bring your receipt or a photo of the receipt for proof of participation at our next meeting!

*More fundraising opportunities can be found on our new “Fundraising” tab at the upper right hand corner of this website*

******Flyer will be attached when available******

Aug 272014

Greetings, present and future PVC-ers!
The semester has begun! And for all those pursuing veterinary school that means studying a lot! Don’t worry you can do it!

For new students who are interested in joining our club or returning members who want to continue the fun, feel free to stop by our first meeting of the semester on September 3rd at 6:00pm. We will be passing out required sign-up paperwork, collecting club dues ($20 for the semester, $30 for the year), listening to Lori Morimoto of Ross University, so this will be an awesome opportunity for all those interested in attending there. We will also discuss our awesome events planned for this semester!

Feel free to email us at, we hope to see you there!

Aug 272014

Welcome to Pre-Vet Club’s new website! We now have a new events page that allows users to view events as a list or as a monthly calendar. If any of the events have more information such as cost or contact phone numbers to RSVP you can simply click the link of any event and a page will come up that will contain any additional relevant information to the event. Some pages such as the resources page are still in process of being updated, but feel free to look around and email us about any suggestions you have for the new website!

Remember that our 1st general meeting is on Wednesday, September 3rd at 6:00 PM! We will be having sign ups for upcoming events and fundraising as well as a special guest speaker from Ross University! It’ll be an exciting time for all you animal enthusiasts, you might say that we’re going to raise the woof!

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