Summer 2014 is speedily approaching the marathon finish line, where Hawai’i bakasyonistas are happily leaving their well-deserved vacation getting back to work, and University of Hawai’i at Manoa estudyantes are grumpily arriving back to the islands not yet ready to learn.  Professors are typing up their syllabi and future class lessons, while students are shopping for school supplies and clothes for the new semester.  Everyone is getting prepared for a new school year, one year closer to reaching their dreams .

Come Monday, August 25, 2014, the Fall 2014 Semester at UH begins.  If you haven’t done so, please remember to do the following things:

Purchase school supplies – Although most notes can be done on laptops and tablets, the basics such as papel, lapis, o bolpen are great necessities, especially come exam time where a number 2 pencil is the standard.

Register for/Switch classes – If you missed your registration period last time, or would like to take a class and were waitlisted, please go on myUH one week before the semester starts as registration resumes.

Purchase Books –  It’s always cheaper to buy online, so buy your books on sites such as  It’ll take 2 weeks via standard shipping, so buy online now, or head down to the bookstore at the beginning of the semester.

•  Get your ID, UPass, and/or Parking Passes
——-○  Starting this fall, you no longer need to wait in line to get your ID validated; you just need to pay all of you fees and dues and you’re set.  Privileges such as the Warrior Rec. Center or Campus Computer Lab will swipe or scan your valid ID to see if you have any accumulating fees before allowing you to use their services.  Current UH Manoa ID holders who got an ID before the 2013 Manoa One-Card Issuance will not need to convert to the new Manoa One-Card.  You will be charged $25 if you would like a Manoa One-Card ID.
——-○  UPasses will still need to be issued manually, so pick them up at Campus Center during standard operating hours.
——-○  Parking passes can be picked up at the Old Post Office, right outside the west entrance of Campus Center, turn left; you can also get there from the Sinclair Circle bus stop (ID: 983), turn left before the approaching the narrow walkway.  (Note:  Parking passes are only available to eligible Juniors, Seniors, and Faculty; all others can pay the $5 daily fee at Zone 20 Parking Structure, accessible from Dole Street after exiting the freeway.)

•  Relax – Summer is coming to a close, so enjoy these last few days as well as the first week as professors are reluctant to give homework during the add/drop week.  Then, come hang out with the barkada at the next Katipunan Club Event, the Balik Eskwela Bash, happening Friday, September 12, 2014 from 5-7pm at BUSAD A101 at the Shilder College of Business, northwest end of campus!  Magkita-kita tayo doon!