Fall 2018 Placement Exams and Course Placement

It is strongly recommended that you take placement exams prior to the start of your first semester at UH Mānoa. Your exam results will be used by departments to place you into a course that is most appropriate for your academic success.

Some departments require that you take a placement exam before you may enroll in a particular course. Others have policies that determine which course you will be placed into. Please refer to the department or area below for more information. An official picture ID card or UH student ID card is required at all in-person placement exams.

The University has a policy for granting students “back credits” for proven proficiency in a second or foreign language taught at UH Mānoa. For more information, visit the UH Mānoa General Education policy on Hawaiian/Second Language back credits: https://www.hawaii.edu/gened/hsl.htm

See "View Placement Exam Schedule" for exam dates in each section below.

Chemistry (CHEM 131, 161 and 171)


View Placement Exam Schedule http://manoa.hawaii.edu/chem/academics/undergraduate/placement-exam/

See the Chemistry Department's website for qualifying scores to register for each of these courses.

  • CHEM 131 (Preparation for General Chemistry)
  • CHEM 161 (General Chemistry I)
  • CHEM 171 (Principles of Chemistry)

Students may be waived from taking the Prechemistry Assessment Exam for CHEM 161 if they received a score of 3 or higher on the Chemistry AP exam or received a grade of "C" (not “C-") in CHEM 131 or 151.

Doing well in CHEM 131, 161 and CHEM 171 depends on, among other things, a thorough understanding of all prerequisite material. Passing the Prechemistry Assessment Exam should not by itself be regarded as a guarantee of success.


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East Asian Languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean)


View Placement Exam Schedule


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European Languages (French, German, Spanish)


View Placement Exam Schedule

Email (French): jacob@hawaii.edu

Email (German): katinka@hawaii.edu

Email (Spanish): benitoq@hawaii.edu or thau@hawaii.edu

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Hawaiian Language


View Placement Exam Schedule

Email: olelouhm@hawaii.edu

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Indo-Pacific Languages (Filipino, Ilokano)


Please call 956-8672 or email hip@hawaii.edu to schedule a placement test for courses numbered above 101 for the following languages: ARABIC, CAMBODIAN, CHAMORRO, HINDI, INDONESIAN, MAORI, SAMOAN, SANSKRIT, TAHITIAN, THAI, TONGAN, URDU, and VIETNAMESE.


View Placement Exam Schedule

Email: pca62@hawaii.edu


View Placement Exam Schedule

Email: aurelioa@hawaii.edu

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Mathematics (MATH 140, 203, 215, 241, 251A)


View Place Exam Schedule

See the Math Department's website for minimum required scores to register for each of these courses.

  • MATH 140, Precalculus: Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry
  • MATH 203, Calculus for Business and Social Sciences
  • MATH 215, Applied Calculus I
  • MATH 241, Calculus I
  • MATH 251A, Accelerated Calculus I
  • ICS 141, Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science I
  • PHYS 151, College Physics I

Note: The Math Department does not accept COMPASS, ACCUPLACER, or exam scores from other institutions.

Email: office@math.hawaii.edu

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Physics (PHYS 151)


View Placement Exam Schedule

All students wishing to enroll in PHYS 151 who have not earned a grade of "C" or better in MATH 140 (precalculus with trigonometry), or MATH 215 or higher, may instead use a qualifying score on the Math Department's Math Assessment Exam.

For additional information on the Math Assessment Exam, including dates and qualifying scores, please visit the Math Department's Placement Exam website.

Email: physics@hawaii.edu

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English Language Institute (Students Whose Native Language is Not English)


View Placement Exam Schedule

All students who have English as a second language and do not meet ELI exemption criteria are required to take the ELI Placement Test for possible placement into listening/speaking, reading and writing courses. Visit the ELI website (https://www.hawaii.edu/eli/courses/what-are-my-eli-requirements/) for a list of ELI exemption criteria and more information about ELI courses.

For the Foundations in Written Communication (FW) requirement, most undergraduate students who have English as a second language will be placed into ELI writing courses based on the ELI placement test. Students who are exempt from the ELI Placement Test will place directly into ESL 100. Students who have attended 6 years or more of school in the U.S. or another English-speaking country are often placed into ENG 100 or ENG 190. Contact the ELI for more information.

Email: uhmeli@hawaii.edu

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