Check Class Availability Website Legend

Course offerings are found at the Check Class Availability website.  Please review the comments at the top of each page that may affect the course you are planning to enroll in. For additional information on course offerings, please check with the department offering the course.

Column Headings on Check Class Availability Website

Gen. Ed./Focus
Indicates the General Education requirement(s) (Foundations, Diversification, Focus, and/or Hawaiian/Second Language) fulfilled upon successful completion of the course, as required for an undergraduate degree. A legend of the GenEd requirements is at the bottom of each page. Visit for more information.
Course Reference Number, a unique identifier of a course section for computerized registration.
Subject and Number, e.g., PSY 100 "A" – Designates Honors/Selected Studies sections, e.g., ENG 100A "L" – A laboratory course that may be companion to a lecture course bearing the same number and having a separate CRN, e.g., CHEM 161L

All other suffixes ("B-K, M-U, W-Z") mark separate sections of an alpha course, each having a distinctive content. The topic may be listed under the course title.

The sequence number assigned to sections within a course.
The title of the course. Course restrictions (e.g., Department or Instructor Approval) are noted under each course title. Other restrictions such as course prerequisites can be found by clicking on the CRN, then clicking on "Details" next to "Course Information."
The number of semester hours for the course section.
Instructor's last name and first initial.
Currently Enrolled
The number of students currently enrolled.
Seats Available
The number of open seats in that course section.
Currently Waitlisted
The number of students currently on the waitlist.
Waitlist Available

The number of spaces available on the waitlist.  If space is available, you may add yourself to the waitlist while registering, to wait for an open seat.
Note:  The waitlist is not in effect when the semester begins.


M = Monday; T = Tuesday; W = Wednesday; R = Thursday; F = Friday; S = Saturday; U = Sunday; TBA = To Be Announced/Arranged

Start and end times of the class.

Building and room number where the section meets. For building abbreviations, please visit  For a campus map, please visit

Start and end dates of the semester.