Health Policy and Management (HPM)

Point of Contact

Specialization Head: Tetine Lynn Sentell, PhD Phone: (808) 956-5781

The decisions, plans, and actions organizations and governments take to achieve health care goals are the jurisdiction of health policy and management (HPM). Delivering high quality, cost effective health care and developing policies that leadto health and reduce disparities are complex and dynamic processes that integrate topics from economics, effectiveness research, human rights, ethics, individual and organizational culture and behavior, and governmental and environmental structures. HPM is a diverse specialization that prepares graduates for health-related work across the health services continuum from policy development, program planning, implementation and management, program and policy evaluation, and health systems leadership to achieve intended health outcomes. 

The mission of the HPM graduate program is to promote and protect the public's health through the preparation of graduates for careers leading toward leadership in health services policy and management, and to conduct research and disseminate knowledge that will advance the organization, financing, and delivery of health services. HPM courses are designed to develop students' critical thinking and applied problem-solving skills across the public and private sector to address health challenges in the state of Hawai‘i, the Asia-Pacific region, and around the world.


Master of Public Health (MPH)


Health policy and management applicants must meet the Office of Graduate Education's admission requirements. Applicants must have computer skills in word processing, spreadsheet construction, and Internet applications. Preference may be given to students with training in health, administration, economics, human services or social science. Work experience in health care or human services is preferred, but not required.