Graduate Record Examination (GRE)


The GRE General Test is required for all applicants. Both the score and the percentile on each of the verbal, quantitative and analytic sections of the examination will be evaluated. The GRE General Test may be waived for master's degree (MPH or MS) applicants who hold an advanced degree (e.g., master, doctoral, or professional degree) from an accredited U.S. institution. A written request must be submitted by the applicant. Requests to waive the GRE requirement should be made early in the application process to ensure that there is no delay in the application review if the request is denied. To request a waiver, the request must be made in writing and accompany the department's application and the applicant's resume must be included. 

The GRE General Test is required for all doctoral applicants (no test substitutions or waivers).

GRE scores that are more than five years old and/or photocopies of the Examinee Score Report are not acceptable. Please direct ETS to forward the official GRE General Test scores to the university (Institution Code: 4867; Department Code: 0616).