Welcome New Epidemiology Faculty

The University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa’s Office of Public Health Studies (OPHS) proudly welcomes Dr. Jonathan Huang to its distinguished faculty. 

Huang, who holds a PhD in Epidemiology and an MPH in Community-Oriented Public Health Practice from the University of Washington, brings over a decade of unique research experience to OPHS. His research has been instrumental in exploring how social and environmental inequities materialize as health disparities, starting even before birth. He has actively engaged with diverse global communities, with recent work focused on Southeast Asia. 

Aligned with OPHS’s commitment to public health research in Hawaiʻi, the Pacific, Asia, and Indigenous communities, he aspires to contribute by conducting research on community-relevant public health issues, particularly environmental health inequities by understanding factors influencing early child health and development. His interests lie in employing quantitative methods to enhance the applicability of research findings to interventions, practice, or policy. 

In addition to his commitment to research, Huang is dedicated to building trust within local communities in Hawaiʻi and nurturing the next generation of epidemiologists, preparing them not only to excel in the local public health workforce, but also to become nationally-recognized leaders in innovative quantitative research that respects community strengths and responds to community needs.

“I feel extremely privileged to be a part of such a unique environment as OPHS which strongly expresses its commitment to local communities, social justice, health equity, and striving to fulfill its responsibilities in becoming a Native Hawaiian place of learning,” Huang expressed. “I feel OPHS already serves as a great example to the world in doing public health in the right way and I am excited for the opportunity to help grow this effort even further in any way I can!”

Currently, Huang is working on the development of new courses, including a stakeholder-driven quantitative Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology course, and a mixed methods project investigating the unique role of fathers in Maternal and Child Health in Hawaiʻi.

“We’re excited to welcome Dr. Huang to the department,” adds Dr. Eric Hurwitz, Professor and Chair of OPHS. “In just the few short months he’s been with us, Dr. Huang has applied for several grants and taught an advanced statistical methods course for our epidemiology students. He brings a unique perspective and skillset to the department. Our students are really looking forward to learning from and working with him in the years to come.” 

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