DrPH Competencies

Revised DrPH COMPETENCIES (Effective Fall 2015)

DPH1. Analyze and translate the impact of current and proposed policy on public health [ADVOCACY/POLICY DEVELOPMENT].

DPH2. Demonstrate effective written and oral skills for communicating with persons across the lifespan from diverse cultural, lifestyle, socioeconomic, educational, racial, ethnic and professional backgrounds [COMMUNICATIONS]. 

DPH3. Facilitate and expand collabora­tive relationships with a variety of entities (e.g. government, non-profits, community, and academia) [COMMUNITY COLLABORATION].

DPH4. Utilize the integrating concepts and skills involved in culturally appropriate community engagement, empowerment, and intervention translation with diverse communities [COMMUNITY COLLABORATION].

DPH5. Demonstrate and apply high ethical standards to all activities, including the communication and interaction with diverse populations, the conduct of research, and the handling of information and data [ETHICS].

DPH6. Apply data management, analysis, interpretation, and visualization techniques in: intervention development, evaluation, and monitoring of public health problems and interventions [DATA].

DPH7. Engage stakeholders and manage teams, groups, and organizations to identify issues of concern and develop and/or translate public health solutions to diverse communities [LEADERSHIP].

DPH8. Integrate evidence and community experience to describe, anticipate, and mediate public health needs and problems [PLANNING/EVALUATION].

DPH9. Identify and apply appropriate theory and evidence-based approaches to inform the design and evaluation of public health interventions for diverse communities [PLANNING/EVALUATION].

DPH10. Apply monitoring and evaluation frameworks to assess global and domestic programs, policies, and systems [PLANNING/EVALUATION].

DPH11. Select appropriate research designs and methods to address public health questions of importance to diverse communities [RESEARCH].

DPH12. Critique research appropriateness, including the ethical aspects of research designs, subject recruitment, and data collection that involve communities [RESEARCH].

DPH13. Promote co-learning between researchers, public health professionals, and communities [RESEARCH].

DPH14. Critically analyze, use and synthesize information from multiple sources to address public health problems/issues [SYSTEMS THINKING].

DPH15. Analyze and evaluate the impact of local, national, and global trends and interdependencies on PH related problems and systems [SYSTEMS THINKING].

DPH16. Identify, develop, implement, and evaluate teaching methods that are appropriate to diverse audiences [TEACHING]. 

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