Treena Delormier

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Biomed T-102A

Treena Delormier, PhD, MSc (Nutrition)

Assistant Professor

Academic Degrees

  • PhD (Public Health, Health Promotion), University of Montreal
  • MSc (Nutrition), McGill University
  • BSc (Dietetics and Human Nutrition), McGill University
  • Professional Dietitian, Professional Order of Dietitians of Quebec member

Research Interests

Treena is actively involved with the Kahnawake Schools Diabetes Prevention Project (KSDPP) a community-based, community-university partnership since 1994, where she has held multiple academic and community research roles. Within this dynamic research environment she explored family feeding practices to better understand how social context shapes family food choice patterns for her doctoral research. Treena's research practice emphasizes community-based research with Indigenous communities and participatory research approaches. Her research interests include food, nutrition and health, food security, traditional food systems, social perspectives of food, indigenous research methodologies, qualitative research methodologies, public health and health promotion, the primary prevention of diabetes and obesity, and indigenous conceptions of health.

Selected Publications

Willows N, Hanley A, & Delormier T. (2012). A Social Ecological Framework to Understand Weight Related Issues in Aboriginal Children in Canada. Applied Physiology, Nutrition & Metabolism 26(2):96-100.

Cargo M, Delormier T, Levesque L, McComber AM, & Macaulay AC. (2011). Community capacity as an “inside job”: Evolution of perceived community ownership within a university-Aboriginal community partnership. American Journal of Health Promotion 23(5):904-14.

Delormier T, Frohlich K, & Potvin L. (Feb 2009). Food and eating as social practice – an approach for understanding eating patterns as social phenomena and implications for public health. Sociology of Health & Illness 31(2):215-228. (#1 download in 2009)