Maile Taualii, PhD, MPH

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Biomed D-103B

Maile Taualii, PhD, MPH

Assistant Professor

Academic Degrees

  • PhD (Health Services, Public Health Informatics), University of Washington
  • MPH (Social and Behavior Science), University of Washington
  • Certificate (Public Health Genetics), University of Washington
  • BA (Anthropology, American Indian Studies), University of Washington

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Dr. Maile Taualii received her PhD in Health Services, with an emphasis in Public Health Informatics and Public Health Genetics from the University of Washington, where she also completed her Master's degree in Public Health. A primary research focus for Dr. Taualii is the utility and validity of health information for racial minorities. Her current research is related to perceptions of bio-banking for research among Native Hawaiians. Dr. Taualii is an Assistant Professor and Chair of Native Hawaiian and Indigenous Health at the University of Hawai‘i where she brings cultural, ethical, and community-oriented perspectives to the instruction of public health. Dr. Taualii’s federal commitments include serving as a member of the National Advisory Committee on Racial, Ethnic, and Other Populations, US Census Bureau and Co-Chairing the Regional Health Equity Council, Dept. of Health and Human Service, Office of Minority Health. 

Selected Publications

Huffman, S., Brucker, R., Redd, J., Taualii, M., Town, C., Tetrick, C., Erickson, M., Forquera, R. (in press). Integrating Viral Hepatitis Screening and Prevention Services into an Urban Chemical Dependency Treatment Facility for American Indians and Alaska Natives.

Hoopes, M., Taualii, M., Weiser, T., Brucker, R., Becker, T. (in press). Including Self-Reported Race to Improve Cancer Surveillance Data for American Indians and Alaska Natives in Washington State.

Taualii, M., Bush, N., Bowen, D. & Forquera, R. (in press). Adaptation of a Smoking Cessation and Prevention Website for Urban American Indian/Alaska Native Youth. Journal of Cancer Education. Project Title: Web-based Smoking Intervention for Urban Indian Youth. Region: Northwest.