Public Health Minor


Public Health is the science dedicated to health promotion and disease prevention in communities. The primary objective of the Public Health minor is to give students pursuing other degree programs a population/community perspective of health that has diverse applications for graduate programs and in health careers. Students will be able to make connections between their area of study and public health concepts including injury and disease prevention, laws and policies, and understanding health disparities.


All current UHM students from other departments requesting to declare the Public Health minor must meet with a public health academic advisor. A cumulative GPA of at least 2.00 is required for admission. Schedule appointments with an advisor at


15 credits are required to graduate with a minor in Public Health.

Pre-Requisite Courses
PH 201 – Introduction to Public Health (3cr) (DS) (Must receive a B- or better)
MATH 140 – Precalc: Trig/Analytic Geometry (3cr) (FQ/FS) or higher-level mathematics course or PH 210 – Quantitative Reasoning for Public Health (3 cr) (FQ)

Public Health Minor Requirements (15 credits) 
PH 202 – Public Health Issues in Hawaii (3 cr)
PH 203 – Introduction to Global Health (3cr)
PH 310 – Introduction to Epidemiology (3 cr)
Public Health-Approved Upper Division Elective (3 cr)
Public Health-Approved Upper Division Elective (3 cr)

Public health is by nature interdisciplinary and students are encouraged to take electives in areas outside of the department. Students can refer to the list of approved electives offered in other departments to complete the 6 credits of advisor-approved upper division public health electives