APLE Student Request Form

Throughout three semesters, students are actively involved in developing an interdisciplinary project proposal, then executing, completing, and presenting an independent, supervised, applied learning project named the Applied Learning Experience (APLE). Prior to working with an organization or research project, students will be introduced to a diverse range of public health projects and associated methods while working to develop their own applied learning project proposal (including a basic literature review), which will be used as the foundation for the Applied Learning Experience. In a subsequent semester, students work to execute these proposed projects, which take place over a full semester (typically beginning in January, May, or August), and involve roughly 100-125 hours of project execution. Upon request of a host organization, students may volunteer to tailor their Experiences to fit a specific project or program.

Please use this form to request an undergraduate student for their Applied Learning Experience. For questions regarding our Applied Learning Experience, please contact our B.A. Chair, Denise Nelson-Hurwitz or our Undergraduate Advisor.

Note: most students would be available to start in January, May, or August
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