2014 Alumni-Student Mixer


OPHS has an outstanding history of service activities that meet the needs of the community as it relates to the program’s mission and values. Ho‘olohe--to listen and respond to the needs of our community--is one of the values of the program. 

OPHS also has a Continuing Education Coordinator who works with and is the current president of the Hawai‘i Public Health Training Hui (HPHTH). The HPHTH was established in 2006 to assess need for and provide workforce training in Hawai‘i. The HPHTH Steering Committee is composed of ten members from seven organizations, which, aside from our program, includes the UH Cancer Center, the Coalition for a Tobacco Free Hawai‘i (CTFH), and various branches and divisions of the State of Hawai‘i Department of Health (DOH), including the Injury Prevention and Control Section, the Office of Planning, Policy & Program Development, the Chronic Disease Management Branch, and the Public Health Nursing Branch. 

In addition, the majority of our graduates are local students who are studying specifically to enter or re-enter the Hawaiʻi community and its public health workforce upon graduation. Many of our students from other Pacific island locations (e.g. Guam and Saipan) are here to earn a degree and return home to their communities. For our graduates, the UH School of Public Health Alumni Association (UHSPHAA) provides an opportunity for alumni to remain connected to our OPHS ohana.