CEPH Accreditation: We are now soliciting comments

Our public health program will be having an on-site accreditation review by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) on September 29-30, 2014. CEPH welcomes written communication from third parties until 30 days before their onsite visit. This is an opportunity for our stakeholders to submit feedback to CEPH on the program and its practices, procedures, and policies. Third party comments may take the form of e-mail, printed mail, or any other written form. Comments must be in writing and must be specific. Comments received by phone or in person will not be accepted or considered.

The team coordinator for the CEPH site-visit will provide all third party comments, in full, to the other members of the site visit team. The team uses these comments in the same way it uses all other information assicated with the visit, such as documents provided by the program, information in the self-study and information provided by participants in on site interviews.

The deadline for submission of written comments is August 30, 2014.

All written comments should be sent to Ms. Nakita Kanu, MPH, Accreditation Specialist, Council on Education for Public Health, 1010 Wayne Avenue, Suite 220, Silver Springs, MD 20910, e-mail: NKanu@ceph.org.

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