Check Out Public Health Summer Days!

We are offering many courses this summer:

PH 201 Introduction to Public Health
Gain an overview of the broad field of public health, which centers on health promotion and disease prevention. Engage in discussions and activities that promote a greater understanding of public health as a system, as well as its interdisciplinary connections to other health care fields.

Topics include:

  • Population Health
  • Disease Prevention
  • Health Professions
  • Healthcare Systems
  • Environmental Health
  • Epidemiology
  • Social Behavioral Health
  • Current Health Issues

PH 301 Seminar in Public Health Issues (Public Health in Hawai‘i)
Learn about the health issues affecting peoples and places in Hawai‘i

PH 303 Seminar Global Public Health
Gain a more worldly view of health by exploring links between health, economics, and social status.

PH 310 Introduction to Epidemiology
Want to be a disease detective? Learn to identify patterns of disease and threats to health.

PH 340 Environmental Health
Learn about protecting human health through the environment.

PH 623 Social Science & Public Health

PH 648 Public Health Program Planning

PH 681 Environmental Determinants of Health

PH 792U Ethnocultural Influences on Psychological Functioning & Emotional Distress: Cultural Diversity & Developing a Grant Proposal

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