Featured Alumni

Lisa Simpson: Elected to the Institute of Medicine
MPH '86, Epidemiology

Tricia Kajimura: Social Policy Director
MPH '11, Social and Behavioral Health Sciences

Sharde Mersberg Freitas: Law Student
MPH '11, Health Policy and Management

Brandyn Dunn: Medical Student
MPH '11, Epidemiology

Angie Atkins: Health and Physical Education Teacher
MPH '11, Social and Behavioral Health Sciences

Alden Henderson: 2013 Distinguished Alumni Award
MPH '82, Environmental Health

Lila R. Johnson: Cancer prevention advocate
MPH '94, Health Education

Eleanor Valentin: Superior Navy medical career
MS '79, Biostatistics
MPH '78, Health Services Administration and Planning

Herlyne Ramihantaniarivo: Alumna improves life in Madagascar
MPH '97, Health Services Administration and Planning