Cost and Financial Aid

Tuition and fees are charged according to the number of credit hours carried by the student; auditors (those enrolled in a course for no credit) pay the same tuition and fees as students enrolled for credit. The tuition and fees cited are established for the 2024-2025 academic year. All tuition and fee charges at University of Hawai‘i campuses are subject to change in accordance with requirements of State law and/or action by the Board of Regents or the University administration.

Tuition by semester Graduate (12+ credits) Graduate (per credit) **Distance Education (per credit)
Resident* $7,800/semester $650 $650
Non-resident $16,824/semester $1,402 $650

Students pay approximately $451 per semester in required fees.*See the General and Graduate Information Catalog and/or the Office of Admissions and Records website for residency definitions. Student fees are a separate charge.

**Currently the asynchronous online MPH (distance education) does not accept any tuition waivers (e.g., faculty/staff tuition waiver and graduate assistant tuition waiver).

Financial Aid

Prospective students who anticipate a need for financial assistance are strongly encouraged to seek support from local sources and/or private foundations and agencies that share the students interests and goals. One should begin this process early, as applications for scholarships are often due six to 12 months before enrollment.

U.S. Students

The Financial Aid Services Office administers a University-wide program of student assistance that includes student employment (both on and off campus), scholarships, grants and loans. For more information or an application, please contact their office or visit their website. Priority deadline is February 1 each year.

International Students

International students are cautioned that their opportunities for general scholarships and other forms of financial aid are extremely limited. It is a basic requirement for almost all U.S. financial aid that the applicant be a citizen or permanent resident alien of the United States. International students may find it helpful to contact the local Education USA office and to explore various online resources such as eduPASS, Funding for U.S. Study, or FinAid. An international student must be able to certify complete financial coverage before final admission to the university will be granted.

Graduate Teaching and Research Assistantships

A limited number of graduate assistant positions may be available with specific research projects. These positions as well as those offered by other departments are advertised as they become available. Graduate Assistants (GAs) must carry between 6 and 9 degree-related credits (or 1 credit of PH 700 or PH 800) each semester and maintain at least a 3.0 average. Assistantships cover tuition* and provide a monthly stipend (*note: the asynchronous online MPH Program does not accept GA tuition waivers). Graduate assistants must pay their own registration fees.

Achievement Scholarships

Graduate Division Achievement Scholarships are funded from tuition revenues and are intended to provide financial assistance for U.S. and international students based on merit and service. The award amounts, which vary, are credited toward the student’s overall tuition costs. To be eligible for this award, students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above and demonstrate a commitment to the mission, goals and objectives of the Office of Public Health Studies. The Achievement Scholarship may be awarded to new or continuing students. Waivers do not cover summer session tuition. Awardees are expected to have and maintain a 3.5 or better GPA and register for at least one credit of public health degree-related course work. It is recommended that applicants to the program submit their completed application materials by the stated deadline as Achievement Scholarship applications are distributed and reviewed early in the admission period. Award recipients must pay any remaining tuition balance by the payment deadline.

East West Center Scholarships

East West Center awards may be available to students from the Pacific and Asian (including Russia) countries. For more information or an application, please visit their website

APHA KP Community Health Scholarship

The APHA KP Community Health Scholarship supports the education of newly admitted full-time graduate students beginning their MPH or PhD in public health in Fall 2024 at one of eight partner universities that are committed to equity, inclusion, and diversity. The Scholarship is part of the APHA KP Community Health Leadership Program’s initiative to create a group of diverse, underrepresented public health leaders who are committed to improving the health of our most vulnerable communities and supporting the achievement of health equity for all in the nation.

Prospective applicants may access an application and other required documents by visiting APHA KP Community Health Scholarship Application

Joseph E. Alicata Memorial Award

Joseph E. Alicata, PhD, played a vital role in establishing the former School of Public Health. Renowned as a University of Hawai‘i researcher, he was also the first recipient of the UH Board of Regents' Medal of Excellence in Research. At the bequest of Dr. Alicata and his family an endowed fund was created to recognize outstanding students in public health. The Joseph E. Alicata Memorial Award honors one public health student each year with a scholarship to be used toward tuition or for select international travel connected with the field-training portion of the awardee's academic program. All full-time graduate students in the department are eligible to apply. Selection is based on academic achievement and the submission of a five page essay. 

Elmer J. Anderson Professional Travel Award

This award is established as a lasting tribute to Elmer J. Anderson, former director of health education in the Hawai‘i Territorial Department of Health from 1944-1950. It assists graduate students in the department who have had a professional paper accepted for presentation at a national or international public health meeting by defraying travel costs and/or paying for meeting registration fees. Awards are made once a year, usually in the fall semester. The announcement for applications is made in September.

Chin Sik and Hyun Sook Chung Memorial Award

This award is established as a lasting tribute to the Dr. Chin Sik Chung, a Professor at the School of Public Health from 1965-1995, and Hyun Sook Chung, his beloved wife of 51 years. The Chin Sik and Hyun Sook Memorial Award honors classified public health graduate students who will be be traveling outside of the United States to complete practicum/training experience with scholarships to be used to cover travel expenses incurred while working “on the ground” in international public health settings. Preference is given to students who will be participating in settings with official exchange agreements with OPHS. 

Abraham Kagan, MD Endowed Fellowship

This endowed fellowship was established by Marion G. Kagan in memory of her husband, cardiologist Dr. Abraham Kagan. From 1965 until his retirement in 1989, Dr. Kagan led the Honolulu Heart Program, a research project which studied thousands of men of Japanese ancestry to see how differences in lifestyle affected rates of heart disease and stroke. This fellowship is awarded to select students who have expressed an interest in working in the field of international health upon completion of their studies/training. Priority will be given to high-quality projects with the potential to improve public health as demonstrated in research publications or presentations. Award funds may be used for costs associated with attendance, stipends, or other research- or travel-related expenses.

McComas-Kobayashi Fellowship Endowment for Public Health

The McComas-Kobayashi Fellowship offers financial support to students pursuing a degree in public health at UH Mānoa. Funds may be used for costs associated with attendance or for expenses related to research and travel. Full-time, classified public health graduate students with a record of academic achievement and demonstrated financial need are eligible to apply. Preference will be given to students who intend of remain in Hawai‘i to pursue a career and to students who served as a Peace Corps volunteer.

Frances Ayako Matsuda Sano Fellowship

Supported by the Frances Ayako Matsuda Sano Endowment Fund, this fellowship was developed to provide opportunity for individuals with demonstrated commitment to the field of public health to pursue advanced study in a doctoral program in the department. The fellowship may be used to cover tuition, fees, books, supplies, living expenses, airfare and any other expenses necessary for successful completion of a doctoral program. Full-time classified public health doctoral students (DrPH or PhD in Epidemiology students) who are from the Asia Pacific Region (including Hawai‘i) and have an interest in fostering relationships with Japan are eligible to apply. The award is renewable for up to three years of funding. 

Robert M. Worth Epidemiology Scholarship

Robert M. Worth, PhD, considered a pioneer in the public health field in Hawai‘i, began his career as a physician at Kalaupapa and was instrumental in having the century-long Hansen’s disease quarantine lifted in 1969. Dr. Worth served on the faculty of the University of Hawai‘i schools of medicine and public health for 22 years. He was also Chief of the Communicable Disease Division of the Hawai‘i State Department of Health. At the bequest of Dr. Worth and his family, an endowed fund was created to offer financial assistance to full-time, classified students in a graduate degree program in epidemiology. 

Koseki Award for Excellence in Community Service

Lawrence K. Koseki was a faculty member of the School of Public Health whose career in public service spanned over 36 years. During this time, he shared his expertise with many local, national and international organizations devoted to improving the health and well being of others. Part of Dr. Koseki’s great contribution to this community was the outstanding support and wisdom he provided for many of the programs in which he participated. Each year, students are nominated to receive the Koseki Award for Excellence in Community Service based on their record of service to individuals and organizations as well as service in public policy. OPHS selects the student who best exemplifies Dr. Koseki’s passion for community service to receive the award, which includes an honorarium. 

Pauline Stitt Award for Outstanding Graduate Student

In recognition of over half century of service to public health, the Department’s Outstanding Public Health Graduate Student Award was established in honor of Dr. Pauline Stitt, Professor Emerita of the Maternal and Child Health specialization. The award is intended to foster a spirit of excellence similar to that which Dr. Stitt cultivated in so many people she touched in her long and distinguished career. Nominations for this award are made both by the student body and the faculty. Award criteria include scholarship and participation in the department’s governance, student activities, and community service. The recipient must be a well-rounded individual as well as an excellent performer in the academic arena. An honorarium is presented to the student selected to receive this award.

Pauline Stitt Scholarship

The Pauline Stitt Scholarship is intended to foster a spirit of excellence similar to that which Dr. Stitt cultivated in so many people she touched in her long and distinguished career. The public health student organization and faculty are asked to nominate a current public health graduate student or doctoral student with a high level of academic achievement for this scholarship.