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About the PPDLA




The Pan-Pacific Distance Learning Association is a non-profit association formed to promote the development and application of distance learning to education and training. Among the constituents we represent and serve are K-12, area education agencies, higher education, continuing education and corporate training.


  • Leadership: Providing region-wide leadership to the field of distance learning.
  • Advocate: To advocate and promote the use of distance learning.
  • Primary Source of Information: To be a significant source on information on region-wide distance learning
  • Policy:  To serve as a leading representative of distance learning before government policy and regulatory bodies.
  • Recognition: To provide recognition of the outstanding achievements in region-wide distance learning through an annual awards program.
  • Publications: To provide information and case studies of successful distance learning programs through its official newsletter, other publications, and the Internet.
  • Partnerships: To serve as a catalyst for the formation of partnerships between education and business.


President - Grace Lin (Educational Technology, UHM)

President Elect - vacant

Secretary -  Ariana Eichelberger (Technology & Distance Programs, UHM)

Treasurer - Curtis Ho (Educational Technology, UHM)

Past President - Mike Menchaca (Educational Technology, UHM)

At-Large Board Members:


Dorothy Goldsborough (Criminology, UHM, Professor Emerita, Chaminade University)

Susan Jaworowski (Legal Education, KCC)
Peter Leong
(Educational Technology, UHM)
Elizabeth Park (Chaminade University, Honolulu)

Member Organizations

Requests to add Organization to Members List

  1. One member must be affiliated with organization
  2. Members dues must be current
  3. Use Virtual Office to contact PPDLA webmaster