The Neurotrauma Special Fund

What is Neurotrauma?

Neurotrauma is an injury to the nervous system. This could be a stroke, traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury.

What Is the Neurotrauma Special Fund?

Hawaii’s Neurotrauma Special Fund was created in 2002 to fund projects dedicated to neurotrauma prevention, education and research. The money for the fund comes from traffic violations such as tickets for speeding and not using seat belts. In other words, activities that lead to neurotrauma injuries.

Some of the projects supported by this fund include the Hooikaika Peer Mentoring Project, the Brain Injury Association of Hawaii, the Student Athlete Concussion Management Program, the Elderly Falls Prevention Study and the ThinkFirst injury prevention program.

For more information about the fund, check out this star-bulletin column.

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I am the project assistant for the Hooikaika Peer Mentoring project.
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