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Welcome to the PAU (Prevention, Awareness & Understanding) Violence Program.

If you are a student experiencing sex discrimination and/or gender-based violence (including sexual harassment, gender-based harassment, dating and domestic violence, stalking, sexual exploitation, and sexual assault) please reach out to the Office of Institutional Equity's UH Mānoa Confidential Advocate, contact Jamie Newalu, the UH Mānoa Confidential Advocate. You can reach her at (808) 956-9499 or

Please contact the UH Mānoa Title IX Office at or visit for further information.

The PAU Violence Program continues to provide: prevention, awareness education, and training programs.

For PAU Violence Program updates, please visit this website or our Instagram page @pauviolence.

pau: done, finish, end;
P: Prevention A: Awareness U: Understanding Violence, University of Hawaiʻi

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PAU’s Mission

The Prevention, Awareness and Understanding (PAU - the Hawaiian word for end or finish) Violence Program exists to inspire, educate, and empower students and campus communities to build safe living-learning environments, end interpersonal violence, and encourage holistic well-being in ways that are supportive, collaborative, student-centered, and strengths-based.

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