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This proposal aims to enhance capacity to engage in the sustainability and resilience of island ecosystems, stewardship and indigenous sciences in three areas:

  1. integration of sustainability and civic engagement into undergraduate and graduate curricula;
  2. adaptation of curricula for distance learning; and
  3. building faculty capacity through workshops on the island of Kahoʻolawe.

This project supports professional development opportunities for faculty, graduate students, and community leaders, as well as creates opportunities for building community relationships and trans-disciplinary faculty collaboration. Focus is on developing sustainability curricula, research projects, and civic-engagement programs through teaching to real-world, contested, important issues and integrating indigenous, social, and natural sciences. The funding supports faculty participation in the August 2018 national SENCER (Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibilities) Summer Institute and two local institutes in May 2018 and 2019.

There is an increasing recognition that sustainability is one of the core areas that all students benefit from studying in college. Student profiles and needs are diverse and there is a strong demand for distance- and online learning opportunities. This project will expand sustainability-themed course offerings at UHM by adapting existing courses for delivery via distance and online learning.

Kahoʻolawe is a historically and culturally rich training ground that offers unique professional development opportunities for faculty, researchers, and educators. In this project we will organize two training workshops aimed at faculty and researchers to build capacity in the areas of sustainability and resilience of island ecosystems, stewardship, and indigenous sciences.

Rosie ʻAnolani Alegado (Oceanography/Sea Grant, School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology), Christopher Kaliko Baker (Hawaiian Language, Hawaiʻinuiākea School of Hawaiian Knowledge), Oceana Francis (Civil & Environmental Engineering; College of Education), Ulla Hasager (Advising, Civic and Community Engagement in the Social Sciences, College of Social Sciences), Josh Kaʻakua (STEM Diversity Specialist, System), Aya H. Kimura (Sociology, College of Social Sciences), Davianna Pōmaikaʻi McGregor (Ethnic Studies, College of Social Sciences), Jonathan Padwe (Anthropology, College of Social Sciences), Melissa Price (Natural Resources and Environmental Management, College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources), Scott E. Schimmel (Communications, College of Social Sciences), Sarah Marie Wiebe (Political Science, College of Social Sciences)

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