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UHM internal competition guidelines for the COBRE (P20) limited submission opportunity are described below. Arrangements have been made to engage The Implementation Group (TIG) to conduct external reviews and recommend selection of the COBRE pre-proposal for UHM’s application to be submitted to NIGMS.

UHM Internal Competition


Pre-proposals for this internal competition should include the following in the order listed below in one PDF file using the filename: Last name_COBRE-P20_pdf

1. Cover page

Include the following:

  1. Proposal title
  2. PI(s) name, position title, department, address, phone, email address
  3. Names of other key personnel, position title, department

2. Program Description (Limit 4 pages)

Describe the proposed program by addressing the following:

  • Overall Center Organization and Management Plan
    • Describe the thematic scientific focus of the proposed multi-disciplinary center within the framework of current scientific literature.
    • Describe the complementary disciplines involved in the proposed COBRE.
    • Describe the qualifications of the peer-reviewed, funded investigator(s) that form the scientific leadership for the project especially in light of the proposed complementary disciplines.
    • Describe support for proposed core facilities.
  • Administrative Core
    • Identify senior faculty members who will provide career guidance and oversight to the junior investigator.
    • Describe how the proposed PD/PI will coordinate the management of the senior faculty and External Advisory Committee (EAC).
    • Describe the composition of the EAC, and their scientific expertise relevant to the proposed theme.
  • Research Projects
    • Describe each of the junior investigators and each of the individual research projects.
  • Alteration & Renovation
    • Describe the proposed A&R for the proposed projects as relevant (year one; one-time expenditure).

3. 2-page Biosketch for each PI, any Co-PI(s) and each proposed junior investigator

Submit the PDF file to by 4:30 PM, Monday, October 3, 2016.NIH’s application due date is January 24, 2017.

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