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Bachelor Degree Program Sheets

and Sample Four Year Academic Plans

These documents are intended as advising tools to be used in tandem with academic advising. Reasonable measures have been taken to ensure the quality, reliability, and accuracy of the information contained herein. It is the student’s responsibility to meet regularly with his/her academic advisor(s) to ensure proper progress, and to confirm his/her academic requirements.

Architecture, School of

School of Architecture
No Bachelor Degree program


Arts and Sciences, Colleges of

College of Arts and Humanities
American Studies (BA)
Art (BFA)
Art History (BA)
Art Studio (BA)
Communicology (formerly Speech) (BA)
Creative Media (BA)
Dance (BA)
Dance Theatre (BFA)
History (BA)
Music: Composition (BMus)
Music: General Music (BA)
Music: Hawaiian Music (BA)
Music: Instrumental (BMus)
Music: Musical Theater (BA)
Music: Piano (BMus)
Music: Voice (BMus)
Philosophy (BA)
Religion (BA)
Theatre (BA)

College of Language, Linguistics, and Literature
Chinese (BA)
Classics (BA)
English (BA)
French (BA)
German (BA)
Japanese (BA)
Korean (BA)
Korean: Korean for Professionals (BA)

Philippine Language and Literature: Filipino (BA)

Philippine Language and Literature: Ilokano (BA)

Russian (BA)

Second Language Studies (BA)
Spanish (BA)

College of Natural Sciences
Biology (BA)
Biology (BS)
Botany (BA)
Botany (BS)
Chemistry (BA)
Chemistry (BS)
Ethnobotany (BS)
Information and Computer Sciences (BA)
Computer Sciences (BS)
Marine Biology (BS)
Mathematics (BA)
Mathematics (BS)
Microbiology (BA)
Microbiology (BS)
Molecular Cell Biology (BS)
Physics (BA)
Physics (BS)
Zoology (BA)
Zoology (BS)

College of Social Sciences
Anthropology (BA)
Communication (BA)
Economics (BA)
Ethnic Studies (BA)
Geography (BA)
Journalism (BA)
Political Science (BA)
Psychology (BA)
Psychology (BS)
Sociology (BA)
Women's Studies (BA)

Interdisciplinary Studies
Interdisciplinary Studies (BA)


Business Administration, Shidler College of

Shidler College of Business
Generic Template (BBA)
Accounting (BBA)
Entrepreneurship (BBA)
Finance (BBA)
Human Resource Management (BBA)
International Business (Second Major Only)
Management (BBA)
Management Information Systems (BBA)
Marketing (BBA)


Education, College of

College of Education
Elementary Education (BEd)
Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education (BEd)
Elementary Education and Special Education (BEd)

Kinesiology & Rehabilitation Science (BS)

Secondary Education: Biology (BEd)
Secondary Education: Chemistry (BEd)
Secondary Education: Chinese (BEd)
Secondary Education: Earth and Space Science (BEd)
Secondary Education: English (BEd)
Secondary Education: French (BEd)
Secondary Education: General Science (BEd)
Secondary Education: German (BEd)
Secondary Education: Hawaiian (BEd)
Secondary Education: Health and Physical Education (BEd)
Secondary Education: Japanese (BEd)
Secondary Education: Latin (BEd)
Secondary Education: Mathematics (BEd)
Secondary Education: Music - General (BEd)
Secondary Education: Music - Instrumental (BEd)
Secondary Education: Music - Vocal (BEd)
Secondary Education: Philippine Language - Filipino (BEd)
Secondary Education: Philippine Language - Ilokano (BEd)
Secondary Education: Physical Science (BEd)
Secondary Education: Physics (BEd)
Secondary Education: Russian (BEd)
Secondary Education: Social Studies (BEd)
Secondary Education: Spanish (BEd)


Engineering, College of

College of Engineering
Civil Engineering (BS)
Computer Engineering (BS)
Electrical Engineering (BS)
Mechanical Engineering (BS)


Hawaiian Knowledge, Hawaiʻinuiākea School of

Hawaiʻinuiākea School of Hawaiian Knowledge
Hawaiian Language (BA)
Hawaiian Studies (BA)


Law, William S. Richardson School of

William S. Richardson School of Law


Medicine, John A. Burns School of

John A. Burns School of Medicine
Medical Technology (BS)


Nursing and Dental Hygiene, School of

School of Nursing & Dental Hygiene
Dental Hygiene (BS)
Nursing (BS)


Ocean, Earth Science, and Technology, School of

School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology
Geology (BA)
Geology and Geophysics (BS)
Global Environmental Science (BS)
Meteorology (BS)


Pacific and Asian Studies, School of

School of Pacific and Asian Studies
Asian Studies (BA)
Pacific Island Studies (BA)


Social Work, Myron B. Thompson School of

School of Social Work
Social Work (BSW)


Travel Industry Management, School of

School of Travel Industry Management
Travel Industry Management: Hospitality Management (BS)
Travel Industry Management: Tourism/Transportation Management (BS)


Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, College of

College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources
Animal Sciences (BS)
Apparel Product Design and Merchandising (BS)
Biological Engineering (BS)
Family Resources (BS)
Food Science and Human Nutrition: Food Science(BS)
Food Science and Human Nutrition: Human Nutrition(BS)
Natural Resources and Environmental Management: Development and Policy (BS)
Natural Resources and Environmental Management: Management and Conservation (BS)

Plant and Environmental Biotechnology: Aquaculture and Animal Biotechnology (BS)

Plant and Environmental Biotechnology: Environmental and Microbial Biotechnology (BS)

Plant and Environmental Biotechnology: General Biotechnology (BS)

Plant and Environmental Biotechnology: Insect and Pathogen Biotechnology (BS)

Plant and Environmental Biotechnology: Plant Biotechnology (BS)

Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences (BS)

Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences: Environmental Soil Sciences (BS)

Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences: Genetics and Physiology (BS)

Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences: Plant Production and Management (BS)

Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences: Tropical Landscape Horticulture (BS)

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