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New Degree Proposal

Per Executive Policy E5.201

The degree proposal is prepared after the Authorization to Plan has been approved. Generally, units have up to one year from the date of approval to submit the degree proposal.

A successful degree proposal includes a full program description and justification, and contains enough information to permit assessment of the academic integrity and quality of the program, to determine its fiscal soundness and efficiency relative to other University activities, and to determine its appropriateness to the mission of the campus.

Approval Process

Approval Process

  • Departmental review to assure faculty support, program coherence, pedagogy, content, learning outcomes, quality of delivery, and a viable assessment plan.
  • Review by the college and dean.
  • Review by Graduate Education (graduate programs only).
  • The VCAA will review the proposal, and transmit to the following:
    • The Mānoa Faculty Senate for endorsement.
    • The Assessment Office for feedback on program learning outcomes and assessment plan.
    • The academic advisors in Arts and Sciences for feedback on the sample 4-year curriculum plan (undergraduate degree proposals only).
    • The Vice Chancellor for Administration, Finance and Operations for approval of the Academic Program Cost and Revenue Template.
    • The UH System's Council of Chief Academic Officers (CCAO) for consultation.
  • The Board of Regents for approval. **

Please review the meeting dates for the Faculty Senate, CCAO and the BOR to assist you with program planning.

Proposal Outline

The proposal outline follows Appendix B of Executive Policy E5.201: “Approval of New Academic Programs and Review of Provisional Programs”.

New Program Resource Template

The New Program Resource Template examines the instructional cost of a degree program within the framework of a departmental budget. The resource template is reviewed by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, the Vice Chancellor for Administration, Finance and Operations and the Board of Regents.


Should you have any questions regarding new degree proposals, please call 956-6145.

**Special Note for Off-Campus and Distance-Delivered Programs: Proposed programs that are intended to be delivered at least 50% off campus or by distance technologies are required to undergo WASC review according to the Process of Institutional Review for Substantive Change-Distance Delivered Program, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa.