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Enrollment Planning

A longstanding need widely identified at UH Mānoa has been the lack of strategic planning concerning enrollment. In response, the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the Vice Chancellor for Students formed a Committee on Enrollment Planning. The purpose of the Committee is to complement the normal administrative structures, not override them; complement them at the goal and strategy level by providing a forum in which ideas can be advanced, developed, and tested and by providing a forum in which the cross-unit cooperation necessary to attain any enrollment goals can be modeled and forged. Enrollment goal setting and strategy development to attain those goals are at the core of this committee.

On August 5, 2009, the VCAA and VCS held a retreat with participation from the Senate Executive Committee, the newly formed Committee on Enrollment Planning, deans or associate deans from every school or college at UH Mānoa, and other interested parties. Two sets of data were examined at the retreat: "Key Enrollment Indicators Data" and Mānoa Undergraduate Tuition Projections. This data is provided below.

The purpose of the retreat was to develop a set of high-level enrollment goals for the campus. A copy of the draft "Enrollment Goals for UH Mānoa" was disseminated for consultation and input. The goals were endorsed by the Mānoa Faculty Senate in December 2009. The document (provided below) established an overall enrollment goal and four specific goals:

Overall Goal: Raise Our Enrollments
Goal #1: Keep more of Hawai'i's high school graduates here in-state, attending UH Mānoa
Goal #2: Address the differential rates of educational attainment across Hawai'i's population
Goal #3: Increase mobility between the two- and four-year sectors
Goal #4: Improve retention and graduation rates at Mānoa

In February 2010, four workgroups were formed around each of the enrollment goals. The organization and charge to the workgroups is detailed in "Organizing Workgroups on Enrollment Goals" which is provided below. Subsequently, a fifth workgroup on international enrollment management was formed. The workgroups are developing initiatives to make progress on their assigned goals. The initiatives are brought to the Committee on Enrollment Planning for discussion and disposition. Copies of notes from the Committee's meetings are posted below.

Starting in April 2010, specific action items are being endorsed by the Committee, next steps are being identified, and target dates are being established. The "Committee on Enrollment Planning, Action Items" document is posted below,

Committee on Enrollment Planning Members
  • Reed Dasenbrock, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, co-chair
  • Francisco Hernandez, Vice Chancellor for Students, co-chair
  • Amy Agbayani, Student Equity, Excellence, and Diversity
  • Krystyna Aune, Academic Affairs
  • Maenette Benham, Hawaiian Knowledge
  • Ron Cambra, Undergraduate Education
  • Patricia Cooper, Graduate Education
  • Peter Crouch, Engineering
  • Kathy Cutshaw, Vice Chancellor for Administration, Finance, and Operations
  • Hung Dang, Student Services
  • William Ditto, Natural Sciences
  • Susan Hippensteele, Women’s Studies & SEC representative
  • Mike Kaptik, Student Housing
  • Jodi Kuba, Financial Aid
  • Karen Tessier, Nursing & SEC Representative
  • Joel Weaver, Hawai‘i English Program
  • Kahunawaikaʻala Wright, Hawaiian Knowledge
  • Myrtle Yamada, Academic Affairs
  • Yang Zhang, Mānoa Institutional Research

Enrollment Planning Workgroup Members

Undergraduate Enrollment Goals for UH Mānoa

Enrollment Planning Action Items

Enrollment Planning Completed Action Items

Meeting Notes