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Administrative Memos

*All reports in PDF format unless otherwise noted.

Date Memos and Associated Documents
04/21/2015 2015-2018 Academic Calendar for UH Mānoa
04/14/2015 Reminder about Examinations, Spring 2015
01/28/2015 Electronic Course & Faculty Evaluation (eCAFE) for Spring 2015
11/25/2014 Reminder about Examinations, Fall 2014
08/29/2014 2014-2017 Academic Calendar for UH Mānoa
06/02/2014 Modification of Course Blanket Requirements
04/17/2014 Reminder about Examinations, Spring 2014
04/14/2014 Three-Year Academic Calendar 2014-2017
02/18/2014 2013-2016 Academic Calendar for UH Mānoa
11/12/2013 Reminder about Examinations, Fall 2013
09/27/2013 Academic Policies Website and Dual Degree Program Policy
09/03/2013 Implementation of Institutional Learning Objectives (ILOs)
06/24/2013 Data Exhibit for WASC Interim Report
WASC Data Exhibit Template
06/24/2013 Revised UHM-1 and UHM-2 Forms and Guidelines Effective Fall 2013
04/12/2013 Reminder about Examinations, Spring 2013
10/18/2012 Reminder about Examinations, Fall 2012
10/08/2012 Dual Career Faculty Partner Hire Policy
08/31/2012 2012-2015 Academic Calendar for UH Mānoa
08/07/2012 Repeatable Courses and Financial Aid
07/25/2012 Revised UHM-1 and UHM-2 Forms and Guidelines Effective Fall 2012
05/14/2012 Course Approval Process
04/04/2012 UHM Open Access Policy, Effective Fall 2012
03/27/2012 WASC Policy Regarding Dual Degree Programs
03/19/2012 Reminder about Examinations, Spring 2012
01/17/2012 Revised UHM-1 and UHM-2 Forms and Guidelines Effective Spring 2012
11/02/2011 Classrooms
10/19/2011 Reminder about Examinations, Fall 2011
09/28/2011 UHM Academic Calendar, Fall 2012 - Spring 2013 Dates Revised
09/12/2011 General Classroom Use Policy
08/15/2011 International Programs
07/05/2011 Revised Requirements for Baccalaureate Degrees, Effective Fall 2012
07/05/2011 Banner Coding for Distance, Off-Site, and Technology Intensive Courses
06/17/2011 Academic Calendar for 2011-2014
05/05/2011 Non-Cancellation of Freshman-level Courses
04/06/2011 Reminder About Examinations, Spring 2011
03/18/2011 Graduation with Distinction
02/28/2011 Faculty Fellowship Policy
10/06/2010 Reminder About Examinations, Fall 2010
09/17/2010 UHM Focus Proration Policy
09/13/2010 Provisional Programs
04/13/2010 Reminder About Examinations, Spring 2010
04/10/2006 Mandatory Undergraduate Academic Advising & Declaration of Major
12/08/2005 Articulation and Review of Core Courses with "Sunset" Dates
10/23/2005 Course Equivalence and the Diversification Designation
01/06/2005 Diversification Courses Taken Prior to Fall 2002
10/14/2004 Enrollment Management Software Training
09/27/2004 Extension of H Focus Courses
07/27/2004 Foundations Versus Diversification Designations
07/27/2004 System-wide Mathematics Faculty Meeting
07/07/2004 Articulation Process for Diversification Designation
07/07/2004 CC Courses with Dual Designations
05/20/2004 IRS Warning Regarding Political Activities
05/20/2004 Multicampus Foundations Agreement
05/20/2004 OVPAA Opinion on Upper Level E and O Courses
03/11/2004 UHM Articulation Concepts
02/20/2004 Memo on the Plus and Minus Grading System, online submission of grades, withdrawal from classes
10/28/2003 Leeward CC Japanese Courses
06/06/2003 Policy on Concurrent Undergraduate Degrees at Manoa
04/21/2003 Plus/Minus Grading FAQ
04/21/2003 Implementation of Plus/Minus Grading, Fall 2003
04/21/2003 Changes to the Catalog Regarding Plus and Minus Grading
01/22/2003 Proposing Courses from Your Campus for "Fast Track" Articulation with UHM General Education Courses
12/24/2002 Interim Articulation Procedures

Discussion Papers

Date Discussion Papers
01/2010 Reverse Transfer:  A Case for Systematic Cooperation
10/2009 Automatic Admission to UH Mānoa for Community College Graduates
10/2009 Organizing Workgroups on Enrollment Goals
07/2009 Mandatory Advising Report
03/2009 Landscape Advisory Committee, Annual Report
09/2008 Development of Faculty Housing , Helber, Hastert, & Fee
05/2008 Manoa Stocktaking Final Report)
03/2007 The Contributions of the University of Hawaii at Manoa to Hawaii's Economy
2007 US News Report 2007 Briefing
10/2006 Consultant's Report on Retention
10/2006 Plan for College-Driven Academic Advising
07/2006 Student Housing Survey Results
05/2006 Enrollment Management Report
05/2006 Campus Environment Committee's Annual Report
02/2006 Facilities Management Evaluation Program, APPA
01/2006 Funding the University Study
2006 Faculty Housing Report