Festival Intensive

July 25 – August 7, 2017 • Honolulu, Hawai‘i

THEME: Beyond Borders

Borders can separate and divide. At times solid and impenetrable, they may keep some things in and others out. They create boundaries that isolate and challenge, that are part of the natural environment or are fabricated by people. Sometimes they can appear to be permanent or temporary, real or fictitious.

If we look beyond a line in the sand, a mountain range, or a frame around a picture, borders can change, become slippery and shift, constantly moving.

In dance, borders may be literal or constructed by the imagination. Often delineating one dancer from another or one kind of dance from another, they can be traversed, with bodies melting into each other and different kinds of dance merging to blossom into yet other kinds of dance.

If we look beyond borders in dance we see human bodies in motion. Bodies that seek to communicate, to delight, to entertain. We see borders that divide, but that also intersect. We see borders that fluctuate and make us distinctive, but that disappear and unite us.

Resident Artists

Each Festival the culture of Hawai‘i is presented together with representatives from Asia and another region of the Pacific. Our featured resident artists of 2017 are:

Hula Halau: Ka Pa Hula O Kauanoe O Wa‘ahila

Under the direction of Kumu Hula Maelia Loebenstein Carter

Korea National University of Arts (K-ARTS)

Kanokupolu Dancers

Dancers of Tonga under the direction of Cotton Robusta Siale and guidance of Her Majesty Queen Nanasipau‘u


Under the guidance of University of Hawai‘i dance faculty, the Festival offers a unique collection of coursework that puts you in direct contact with artists from throughout Asia, the Pacific and Hawai‘i. These artists work directly with Intensive students. Classes are broken into lecture and technique sessions with four sessions conducted by our Asian guest artists and four sessions conducted by our Pacific guest artists. The host Hawaiian culture is threaded throughout the entire Intensive.

Registration for the Festival Intensive includes all studio classes, University of Hawaii dance class “Dance in World Cultures” (DNCE255), tickets to performances, transportation to any required field trips, guest lectures, and special lunches.

Intensive Daily Schedule (Monday-Friday):

8:30 am—4:30 pm

(12:00—1:15 lunch)

These classes include sessions in Hula, Korean dance, Tongan dance, and Okinawan dance as well as lectures and discussions.

Cost: $1,300*

If you also want 3 University of Hawai‘i credits for the DNCE 255 class, the total cost for the Festival Intensive will be $1842. It will require you to submit an application to the University of Hawai‘i (applications open October 2016) and register for both DNCE 255 ($1442) and the Intensive Add-on ($400, registration for both will be available March 2017).

*Costs as of Spring 2016 and subject to change.