APDF 2015: Stories


Countries/cultures represented: Hawai?i, Philippines, Fiji

2015 Viewer’s Guide

View the 2015 Viewer’s Guide, edited by Festival humanities consultant Judy Van Zile.

2015 Festival Critics &Scholars

Information about 2015 Critics and Scholars.
Reviews of 2015 Asia Pacific Dance Festival by Dance Critics

Pawit Mahasarinand
Beyond Hula
Stories from the Pacific

Elizabeth Zimmer
Performing Pacific
Displays of Affection

Courses offered during the 2015 Festival

DANCE 255 Dance in World Cultures
A survey of global perspectives and selected topics about dance focusing on the geographic areas represented by the guest artists and companies.

DANCE 459 Dance Technique: Hawai?i, the Philippines, and other regions of the Pacific
Techniques of indigenous, traditionally focused, or contemporary dances that are part of the repertoire and training of the guest companies and artists.