2018 Culinary Celebration

Culinary Celebration

Chef Regina Lapian

With over a decade of professional culinary experience, Regina has earned a reputation for excellence among her catering clientele and Hawai’i’s local Indonesian community. Her skilled use of fragrant Indonesian spices and natural ingredients brings lovely aromatics and mouth-watering flavors to her cooking. Hawai’i’s tropical climate and beautiful landscapes remind Regina of her homeland of Indonesia. She is constantly inspired by Hawai’i’s diverse cultures and is proud to showcase her Indonesian heritage through her love of food.

Regina’s passion and care come through in her culinary creations, combining locally-sourced ingredients with the complexities of Indonesian and fusion Eurasian cuisine, resulting in a global celebration of flavors. She dreams to one day have her own restaurant, enabling her to bring the authentic taste of Indonesia to the beloved communities of Hawai’i which have embraced her with aloha.

Pastel Goreng and Acar
vegetarian empanadas and pickled cucumber
Nasi Campur (“Nahsee Champoor”)
a ubiquitous Indonesia rice dish, as diverse as the archipelago itself, with regional variations including: Nasi Kuning, (yellow rice) and jasmine rice flavored with turmeric
Satay Lilit Ayam
bamboo skewers of minced chicken with fresh lemongrass, grated coconut and aromatic Balinese spices
Gado Gado
steamed and blanched vegetable salad served with aromatic peanut sauce dressing, with fried tempeh and kukui crackers for extra crunch

Spicy Ginger Deviled Egg

Pandan Coconut Pana Cotta
with roasted macadamia crunch, pineapple, and mango