Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • All Applications are processed through the Online STAR Scholarship system. For technical problems contact the STAR team. If you have continuing problems accessing the UHManoa Osher scholarship via STAR, please email us at: with your name and phone. Do not wait until Feb 17th.
  • Five Year Gap in Education:
    The five year gap may occur either:
    Between High School graduation and college enrollment (delayed enrollment), or
    After initial college enrollment (stopped out).
  • Cumulative Five Year Gaps: The 5-year gap in education is not required to be 5 consecutive years, but may be 5 years total.  However, applicants with cumulative gaps will need to address in their personal statement the nature of all the gaps in education and indicate how they intend to complete their education with their most recent return to college.
  • Awards: Osher Reentry Scholarships are applied to tuition only and will be paid over two semesters (Fall and Spring).  Award amounts are intended to meet 50% of UH Manoa tuition.
  • Community College Transfer Students: Are eligible and encouraged to apply.
  • Part-time Students: Both full-time and part-time students are eligible.  A minimum of 6 credits per semester is required.  Awards are proportional to credit hours.
  • Hawaii State Residency:  International students are not eligible.  Permanent Residents of the U.S. are eligible.  Hawaii State residents are given priority.
  • Online Courses:  Students enrolled exclusively in online courses are not eligible.
    Tuition for online courses will be permitted as part of the Osher Reentry Scholars’ course load, however online courses must constitute less than 50% of the student’s semester course load at UH Manoa.
  • Classified UH Manoa Student: Only classified, degree-seeking UH Manoa students are eligible.  This means that the student has applied to and been accepted at UH Manoa. New applicants to UH Manoa will need to be enrolled before any award is made.
  • Outreach College Classes: Classified UH Manoa students enrolled in Outreach College classes are eligible.  Please note the restriction regarding online courses.
  • Recommendation Letters: The person submitting the recommendation may either mail directly to the scholarship committee, or give the applicant a sealed envelope (with signature across the seal).  Applicants should coordinate with the recommendor to reduce confusion.  All mail sent to:  Osher Reentry Scholarship, c/o: Bridge to Hope, U.H. Manoa, 2600 Campus Rd. QLC #211, Honolulu, HI  96822.
  • Contact Us: If your question is not addressed, please email: